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Hesitations between me and my wishes? How did that happen?
Chapter: 5  The Central Province

As we walked outside, I realized that the place wasn’t merely market; it was like a centre of some town or more precisely, a village. The way we were heading right now, I could say it was different.

“Where are we going?” I asked but never really got an answer.

About half an hour later on the beautiful white horse, we arrived at the outskirts of the vast empire. We crossed the super massive empire gate and arrived at a nearby hill. Soren stopped the horse right there and helped me get down.

The sight from there was enthralling… We stopped at that giant hill from where I could see a huge empire circumference by great walls with its entire tiny buildings.

“You see that?” I heard him say while leaving the horse away for grazing.

“It’s an empire” I replied. “Why brought me here?”

“It’s not just an empire” he sat against one of the trees those were behind. “It’s your empire.”

“Wha-What do you mean my empire?” I asked confused.

He was again silent.

“Look, I’m not staying here, okay? I just have to find Alice and leave this place. I’m not staying. So I don’t think I have any business with this place or this state.”

“Why do you wish if you can’t face the consequences?”

“I never knew my wishes could turn true!” I knew what he was saying. “And like this?! Why Alice? She had nothing to do with this whole thing! I just want her safe. I want her back home.”

“What about you?” he asked. “Do you want to go back as well? To that miserable place you wished to escape so much all your life?”

“I don’t know. All I know is I promised my parents that I would bring their children back to them.”

“You don’t want to go back, do you?”

“Stop pretending as if you know me!”


“Why do you want me to stay anyway? What good would I cause to you people?”

“Calm down” he spoke. “Sit.”

“What?” I asked after finding a place on the soft grass bed.

“There are so many people who wish to escape their lives. Only you got a chance. That means there was something in you right from the start. I can understand how hard the condition is for you. But you got to know this truth before you make any decisions.”

“What truth?”

“By calling this empire yours, I meant it, Kate”

I stared at him, totally confused. He sighed.

“You mean I own this place?”

“Not exactly. You are the protector of this place. This is the Central Province of the kingdom of Yuracia. And you have been chosen to protect, this land.”

“o-o-o-k-k-k-k……..” I replied. “Wasn’t it a while ago you said I’m no hero here?”

“You are not.”

“Then how would I protect this giant place. Tell me are you nuts?! Speaking whatever comes to your mind. Listen, I am not into this escorting thing. I have to get alive out of this world with Alice.”

“I’m serious. The lives of the people here depend on you.”

“Yeah yeah. I’ve heard it in stories. Why don’t you find someone else for your show huh?” I got up. “I don’t have super magical powers like you so I won’t be much help you see.”

I turned away and started walking to someplace where I won’t get his sight. To my surprise, suddenly I found myself ringed within a fire circle. It was my first glimpse of Soren’s power.

“What the hell…”

“I have had enough of you.” Man, he sure was angry. And I hated it when he showed those furious eyes that would frighten every particle of my soul.

“Here’s the deal” he said. “You are silently going to walk with me right to the palace, meet the king and listen to whatever he has to say to you. In return, I will help bring your sister back to you.”

“Done!!!” I said before he completed.

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