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Charlie overcomes his fears unexpectedly
Charlie stumbled slowly away from the only place he had ever known. His legs felt like jelly, but he knew he had to leave this place. One step at a time he worked his way to the edge of a clearing. He looked in awe at the rainbow of colors in the meadow. He watched as the others flew from flower to flower. Sweet scents pricked at his nose. As enticing as it was Charlie felt unsure. He could have stayed there in the shadows forever.  He was safe there.

As he watched the others Charlie started to move into the sunlight. His wings started to get warm and an uncontrollable urge pushed him farther away from the shadows.  Charlie felt weak and vulnerable. He froze in place and watched the others move out into the field. They stopped for an instant at each flower they passed then moved quickly around the colors of the meadow. But Charlie didn't want to go. Stiff as a statue he stood at the edge of the meadow letting the bright light warm his body. He could feel a strange warm sensation moving through him. His time approached too quickly. Invigorated by the bright warm light Charlie began to forget about his fears.

With new enthusiasm he edged forward.  One step. Two... Swoosh! Charlie sprawled on the ground. As he rolled over he looked up to see a huge bird diving back down toward him. Big black wings and a long yellow beak was all he could see. He slipped in the soft grass trying to get away. The flapping sound very loud now Charlie new the bird was close. He hugged the ground just as the bird flew over him. He didnt look toward the bird this time but toward the shadows. Using all his strength he scrambled back under the safety of the bushes.

He would be okay here. He could stay here. He knew he could never make it out into the meadow. He stayed in the shadows until his wings got cold and stiff. He missed the warm sunlight. Slowly, cautiously he peeked out towards the meadow. He couldn't see the others. What happened to them, he thought. Charlie watched the flowers swaying and caught that sweet scent again but he still didnt see the others. He started to get scared but not scared like before. All he could hear was his legs trembling and his heart racing.

Without thinking he darted out into the meadow. Anxiously looking from side to side he passed flower after flower. He saw no one. Stopping next to a flower to catch his breath he smelled something new and wonderful. Charlie edged closer to the amazing smell, so close that he had to taste it. It was sweet and intoxicating. He couldn't get enough. Moving towards the next flower and tasting that one too, he began to feel stronger. Now he could think of nothing else but to get more of that sweet taste.

The more he drank the better he felt. All his thoughts on taking in the warmth of the bright light and the sweet taste of nectar. Charlie fluttered faster and faster from flower to flower, letting the light reflect the beautiful colors of his wings.

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