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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Dark · #1944367
A boy discovers the dark side of the web.

Hunt and Peck

charles stone

He knows that one shouldn’t sit in a dark room and stare at the computer screen. He knows all about the research but he wouldn’t be the same with the lights on. With the lights on his mother would feel free to barge into his room at any time.

He has been surfing for two hours now and so far nothing has really piques his fancy. Listening in on private conversation made the special parts of his body feel all warm and fuzzy.

Hunt and peck. Hunt, peck.

He laughed. He thought he would use his mother’s name. He would call himself Martha tonight; an old school name. Probably wouldn’t go over very well. Mara, yes Mara that sounded better. He enjoyed the talks with men about women while he pretended to be a woman really made him hot.He remembers the first time he found this chatter on line. People poured out their dreams, their exotic dreams to the screen. People hid behind a blinking cursor. They talked about hard dicks and wet pussies. This type of talk frightened him at first. He remembered that he listened in on a conversation between Big Dog (was that his/her real name?) and someone named Hottsies . Big Dog was bragging, very smoothly -to him – about his exploits earlier that night.

He had listened in on Big Dog’s chatter for a week. One night he interrupted

Hunt, peck.

They talked.

He had used the name Nicke . Big Dog thought he was a woman.

The things Big Dog talked about made him squirm in his chair. Twice
he made a lap around his bedroom and ducked into the bathroom to wipe his face with a cold wet cloth.


Now for the past two weeks he logs on. Logs on and hunts for Big Dog. He waits patiently each night. His left ear alert to any sound outside his closed bedroom door. His right ear closed in order to block the noise from the street below. Looking on the greenish screen that makes his eyes hurt. Watching the cursor blink. Waiting for Big Dog’s words to heat his virgin loins.


He types for hours. He hunts for Big Dog. Others answer his call. They try to
convince Mara they are the one for her. Bragging how good they are; bragging how bad they are. Describing to her the things they would do to her wet pussy. Without the smooth tone of Big Dog the words are just vulgar. Big Dog words were for her eyes only. Big Dog’s words are smooth gentle and loving.

Hunt and Peck.

Where was Big Dog? He was becoming more and more irritated by the pretenders.
Big PaPa with the twelve inch anaconda. Geisha girl who confesses to know 1001 ways to please a woman. Even the insistent words of Sara, the sad virgin librarian who is only looking for love, was beginning to wear thin.

Sunlight was peeking through the white curtains.


Why doesn’t Big Dog come out of the green light that is hurting his eyes.
He leaned in closer and gripped the monitor, peered into the screen as a seer looks into a crystal ball. Tried hard to summon his lover. Where is he? He moaned as his body hardened. He caressed the hard plastic console like a lover caressed a lonely woman.

Where is he?
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