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A list of "rules" I created for my daughter when she was still smarter than me.

* Never say "someone did whatever to me."  Whatever the situation, you let them!  That    is never by any means a valid excuse or reason.

* Don't count your chickens before they hatch.  Nothing is for sure until it has come to pass.

* Think ahead...just not too far ahead.  Consider all possible effects of everything in life that you do.

. * Be considerate.  Remain aware that everything you do affects someone else in some way.

* If you plan things, be sure to plan for them to get fucked up.

* If you have a tendency to run late, try not to commit yourself to a time.  Whenever possible, if you’re being pressured into a scheduled time, say "I'll try..."

* DO NOT straight up lie about anything, there is no reason to.  DO NOT volunteer info or over explain, again, no reason.  "Technical truth" can save your ass when used appropriately.  {Not for amateur use}

* Always look people straight in the eye when speaking.  The eyes are the "windows to your soul".  Never trust anyone that does not look you in the eye.

* Don’t play games with people or "fish" for info.  Ask straight out. [This sabotages the use of "technical truth”]  But be sure you really want to know the answer.

* Listen more, talk less.  And remember that the things you hear about others [especially if told to you in confidence] are not YOUR business, or your responsibility to share.

* Try to never borrow anything from anyone.  If you do, you assume complete responsibility for it until it is returned to its owner.  Be prepared to replace or repair whatever it is just in case.

* Never loan anything to anyone.  If you do, be sure you can live without it, or afford to replace it yourself. [Not everyone adheres to the previous rule]
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