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look at mirror and give the biggest grin.After all,Its you.
So here I am,After 3 years and some months,back to where I used to burst out my anger,rage,frustration. well,I guess I have grown over years(literally too) and have adopted a positive policy towards life.or may be I have found someone who listens to my agony.Ok there are so many may be's factor for this attitude but at the end of d day little appreciation should go to me as well.after all I took the courage to clear up d air between my fellow mates.

I am happy a little more contented with life,and a far more stronger than before.I have had a fair share of ups n down in life which i guess is inevitable. more because I left home quite early. many came,few stayed and few made a mark in my heart.
At present,I am still in d same city with same 'few' friends.in this similar things some things changed and some got added.Added a new roommate ,a new swanky house,a sucking job .Changed my place,my job (i had two in 4 months) and boyfriend ;).all for good.
What I figure out from this addition and subtraction is that life is never routined unless and until Your eyes detects subtle changes.Life is like a weather,we divide it into seasons but actually it changes everyday.
You see,Once you start counting the good aspects of your life you will find negativity so far from you.Its in our minds that these thoughts mushroom. Every time something or someone troubles you ,Just think of how to combat it rather than sulking in solidarity.You are so huge,your aura is so influential,your presence can cheer up many then why let it be victimized by our own negativity. Just keep a smile on your face and it intimidates every bad news coming your way.
Okay before i gopreachy about all this,Lets wind up and keep a promise to yourself that love and spread love.

C ya!
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