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by Kitty
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A the tales of a queer co-op house in a little college town, and of two young lads.
Jet's Magical House of Faeries

Morning started off with Adam wakinng up in his room and he was still tried from trying to unpack last night. He just moved into a neat (neat in the cool adjective way, not the clean one) co-op house with 9 other people. 4 more guys and 5 girls.

Jet, their manager was already knocking on Adam's door, as she spoke. “Wake up, lad, we're having a house meeting.” She said

“Are you Irish?” Adam asked.

Jet smirked, opening the door. “I sure am.”

“CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR, I'M IN THE NUDE.” Adam said. “Go away!” Adam screamed. Jet slammed the door shut, as she giggled behind the door with someone who had a male voice.

“New man crush?” Jet asked.

“Shut up!” The person snarked, and Jet laughed.

Adam locked the door behind him and got dressed. He pulled on his black jeans and his sweater, as the guy knocked on the door.

Adam opened the door, and scowled. “Hi. I'm Adam, and you're currently annoying me. You are?” Alex asked.

The guy smiled, his green eyes twinkling. His floppy blonde hair hung in his face as he chuckled. “I'm Nate. I live downstairs.” Nate announced.

Another girl passed behind Nate, popping her head in for a second. “Stop gossiping you two, we're starting the house meeting downstairs in five.” She said, before walking off to wake up someone else.

“Well, let's go, I guess. Am I still annoying you?” Nate asked. Adam blushed, shaking his head. His razored black hair hid the embarrassment in his eyes as they walked down stairs.

When they arrived in the living room, Jet was the first one to speak out in slight annoyance. “Well it's about time that the two of you came down. Well, sit, don't worry lad, I don't bite.” Jet said, talking to Adam. Nice hair color.” She said, as Adam blushed again, realizing they had the same hair color.

Nate and Adam sat on the opposites sides of the same couch and then a neon blue haired girl came in her pajamas and plopped down between the two. “Hi! You're Adam, right?” She asked, before giving Nate a hug. He merred in response. “I'm Allison, by the way.” She said, grinning in response. Adam nodded to her, wanting to hide.

Jet chimed in the meeting with a singing bowl and grinned. “Well, citizens of Jet's magical house of faeiries, we welcome a new comer.” Jet said. Nate grinned as well as everyone around the room. There was a girl in the room with bangs that were shaped in a V.

“Yo, Nate. Your chello's showing.” A cranky looking punk said.

“Oh shit. Thanks, Dave.” Nate said.

"Your cello?" Adam asked, fluffing up his razor cut up a bit. He still had bed hair.

Nate sighed, wondering how many times he had explained this to so many other people. "You know those hollows on a cello?" Nate nodded. "They're called F-holes and I know that sounds really wrong. But I have those tatooed on my lower back. So whenever they show, Dave or Liz usually tell me about it and they say that." Nate said.

"Oh. That's pretty cool though." Adam said, pulling his phone out of his hoodie pocket.

The punk, well, Dave said. "What are you checking?" He asked. Adam didn't answer, blushing a little bit. "Oh, something private?" He asked.

"Um, it's just Grindr." Adam said, and Dave laughed. He looked at Nate and they they both cracked up.

"Dude!" Nate exclaimed. "We've got another Grindr user here!" He said, high-fiving Dave.

"Sit down, lads!" Jet exclaimed. "Please. Just for the sake of my sanity, just sit down." Jet said. Allison smiled, also checking her phone.

"Panda says hi." She said. Adam squinted at Jet, and she felt that it wasn't to important to explain at the moment. Eventually everyone will find out who Panda was.

"Well, the unicorn tells Panda not to interrupt a morning meeting and hi back."

"Who's Panda?" Adam asked, realizing that Jet was not going to answer that question.

Allison grinned. "He's my British love." She said, sighing and placing her hands over her heart as Jet groaned and gave a slightly disgusted face.

"You can stop now. I know you're infatuated with him, but there is no need to always be talking about him. Although, I gotta admit that you two are pretty cute together. It's Panda - Kitty love." Jet said. Allison threw a pillow at her.

"You're just jealous... um, wait. I guess you have unicorn - unicorn love too." Allison said.

"So, um, question... the housing department put me in here because they said that it would be a safe and accepting house for me. And that there would be like... people I could associate with."

"You mean, gay freaks of nature?" The girl with the V-shaped bangs asked. "I'm Liz by the way."

"Well I didn't want to phrase it that way but pretty much." Adam said. Liz smiled, and Adam was a bit surprised about how cute she looked when she smiled. She really was sorta a weirdo, but Adam liked to associate with weirdos.

"Do you wanna know how many of us are queer?" Liz asked. Adam didn't really care, but he still nodded. "Raise your hands, guys." Liz said. The whole room was filled with raised hands. "We're all gay here, welcome to the club. And we allow in house relationships." Liz said, grinning.

"Um, that's great. Are we done yet?" Adam asked. They completely side tracked from introducing him to the house to people trying to figure out his sexuality.

"No. We are not." Jet said, blowing her bangs out of the her face. "We still need to introduce everyone to you. Okay. So begin."

Nate began. "You already know my name. It be Nate." Nate said.

Dave was next. "Dave. Hi."

The girl with protruding collarbones spoke very quietly. "I'm Laura."

The guy with with wavy hair spoke in a thick French accent. "I'm Pierre." He said, trying to smile.

Liz was Liz and Allison was Allison, and the other girl's name, the one that popped her head into Adam's room in the morning was Ashley.

There was a person missing from the group of the 10 people, and Adam found out that he was Panda.

After the meeting, everyone decided to pour into the kitchen to get breakfast and coffee and all sorts of fun stuff like that. Maybe a few kisses in between all of well too.

"So, are Dave and Pierre boyfriends?" Adam asked. Laura nodded, drinking her black coffee. "Why aren't you eating?" He asked her, when he realized that she wasn't eating anything or drinking anything except for her black coffee.

"Not really hungry." Laura said, and Adam knew that she was lying, but he wasn't going to press any further.

"Hi." Pierre said, coming up to Adam. "Having fun here yet?" He asked and Adam shrugged.

"It's still my first day. And then I have freaking classes that start tomorrow and I'm kinda terrified of going to them." Adam said and Pierre patted him on the back, smiling.

"You'll fit in just fine." He said, as Nate came up to Adam and grinned. Adam was a tiny bit shorter than Nate and Jet saw that and snickered.

“What are you laughing about?” Nate asked. Adam didn't even want to know.

“You two.” Jet said. “Wait, so, Adam... question... do you think that you might find a romantic partner here?” Jet asked, winking.

“Wait, what?” Adam was cut off guard right as Nate frowned. “Probably not.” An immediately when Adam said that, a frown passed Nate's face.
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