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Rated: 18+ · Review · Fantasy · #1960799
Fantasy, violence, sex, demons, enchantments, magic
For October: Land of Shadows by Jeff Gunzel

The story has a search for a hero, a truly ugly bad guy, and descriptions of life on earth after a devastating war.

"She tried to contemplate the logic here, but it just didn't add up." Addel, the human witch holds an exceptional place in the story.  She is a human advising an evil being who does not like humans. 

Character introductions in this story take the reader to different towns.  Each city seems unique and holds its own place in the story. There are also unearthly animals, and a new race of people to think about as the story unfolds.

"I am sworn only to the Gate Keeper!" Is the ending quote that will lead you mysteriously into the next book.  This is book one in a series.
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