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Inspired after watching Les Miserable, about a man like Javert
A Man Like Javert

His focus is solid,
One word hypnotic,
Honour his virtue,
Duty his statute,

A man unyielding in his office is loved by God,
A man's mind in the uniform of duty shod,
Hunting those with no honour or law,
Who hunt and murder the innocent poor,
The innocent of the world must be protected,
Protection requires death to the criminally suspected.

Follow his trail like a dog on a scent,
Track his movements, read messages sent,
Imagine his methods, his next attack,
Be there waiting with hammer cocked back,
One pistol charged, one shot to make,
In the name of Justice one life to take,
One uniform worn, one job required,
In honours name, by duty inspired,
No alternative path can be considered,
Sentence is passed, the verdict delivered,
Until honour breaths its final breath,
The villain's only future can be death.

Many lives saved by the death of one,
An eruption of smoke leaves the fired gun,
The ball flies fast, the shot is loud,
All men by fire and lead are bowed,
The ball finds its murderous mark,
Justice done by powder and spark.

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