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Draft of my Graphic novel on Decent of Man
Chapter 1 Script

[Page 1] Narrator: We all know that man is a modified descendent of pre existing form of lizards, mammals, and then further nearer, the monkeys.

[Page 2] Narrator: The monkeys are almost similar to humans in looks, as well as habits. Especially the Orangatauns who carry 96.4% of the DNA as humans.

....And even a similar kind of brain. Every chief fissure and fold of the brain of a human is similar to that of an Orang. If a four percent difference can make such a giant leap for mankind, then imagine what one percent can do in evolution of humans further in scale.

[Page 3]

As Darwin had noticed, there is actually very little difference between humans and other organisms. But what makes most of it is our own self centeredness which makes us different from others and is not really that significant.  The reason for this will be explained in the coming chapters. Looking at our everyday lives, from cars to underwear are branded and divided in categories. [Kinds of clothes, races, region, coffee mugs, zodiac signs, to books, accessories]. Everyone has given themselves a role of something or someone. And so does our race, we have assigned our race a role too. If we simply not brand ourselves to be unique and connect to the nature as someone from nature, not as someone connecting towards nature.

From structure of organs, to functions, to even diseases are carried among the species. Monkeys and humans get diseases like hydrophobia, AIDS, Common cold, Apoplexy, rabies, cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis and even inflammation of bowels. These diseases are not only specific to monkeys and humans, but also to other mammals.

Evolution is like the Big Bang. Every organism has splintered into these species from one common single cellular unit. BANG!

And Bang! Goes a human from a microscopic cellular embryo, developing itself into a full sized baby. Evolution happens in a fast forward within nine months. This is how a human foetus grows through different stages. Do we see a similarity in the earlier stages referring to some other organism? Maybe as a monkey, a lizard, or even a fish? Some of it even looks scary. Doesn't it?

And another BANG! All the matter in the space goes... All the debris and dust combined together make hot molten earth. During its hot days, some meteors fell on Earth, containing crystals of water, which converted crystallized water to liquefied water. Through millions of ears, the water covered the still young and hot earth, making small holes in the shallow sea surface emitting carbon di oxide. This, in turn, combined with water and sunlight and heat in the shallow sea and that's how the first life forms started coming up in the seas.

Hence, the chaos formed by the meteors form the link to abundant life on Earth that makes sure- that all the beings on the planet are not just plants and animals. Bits of stars, heavenly bodies, are incorporated in each of them. So, each and every organism is a product of the outer space!

These theories aside, there forms a link between these events, to the upcoming of life, to the emergence of the dinosaurs and then eventually, humans. Historical events at many places to the present are connected.

But Darwin still had serious questions about some links- why do all humans and other mammals have organs which are of either some or absolutely no importance to the body? Some of these organs do not at all make sense as to how and why they exist in the humans as well as animals.


An external outer lobe of our ear, what do we need it for? Humans do not need to signal other humans like deer or cows. They can speak. Why there is extra adornment for ears in all shapes, sizes and types? Can't we just hear from the acoustic nerves?

Why do we need to smell? We do not smell danger like dogs, being much less instinctive than animals; we can't perceive danger as they do. Not even savages need it much. What is it for? For thoughts, reminders, tastes and feelings, memories, of the past and the present?

And oh! Males in humans as well as monkeys having mammae`?  What's that about?

An appendix can be fatal to a human, though it is prominently present in lower vegetable eating mammals. It is still clinging to our alimentary canal, which is sometimes present or even absent. In some cases, it needs to be surgically removed, causing sometimes fatal incidents to some people when small hard seeds get inside and become inflamed. This small fish can bite anyone and everyone anytime.

The wisdom tooth, occurring at the age of 17, has absolutely minimal to no use at all. Causing pain and thus requiring removal by dentists all over the world, this poor tooth is just Not worth the trouble it causes, but nearly everyone has these extra molars. This tooth cannot succumb to the lifestyle of soft, cooked food of these humans. Gone are those days, when it was needed to chew everything down for primitive humans. Now is only found getting detaching itself from a much shortened jaw.

We really do not know why hair in humans exists at certain defined places. The first difference we can see between human and animals is that animals do not wear clothes like we do. But they are covered with fur all over the body. However, these hairs are unnecessary to humans, located in several specific places and covering the genitals of both male and females.

These organs are rudimentary organs, which serve little or no use to the organism anymore. They are inherited into us through our ancestors, but due to geological, geographical, lifestyle and climate changes, their use becomes not necessary for survival. Their function becomes diminished and then its size, or due to the course of natural selection, they develop itself into a whole new organ. [ GILLS TO LUNGS]

And why are we talking about them? These rudiments are actually an evidence of evolution from these organisms to us. These examples add to the other evidences, such as the embryonic development and the structure and functions of organisms.

All of these organisms from the same class developed, as I told you, like a bang. They all developed into a similar construction, like the hand of a man, a monkey, a dog's paw, a lizard's web foot, and a pigeon's foot, a flipper of a seal and even a wing of a bat. But what's interesting is that they all developed and distributed themselves to diversified adaptations. Yes, they did form on the same plan.

Looking at the embryonic development, we can look at the beautiful fact of an embryo of a man, dog, seal, bat, reptile can be distinguished from each other.

And why do these rudimentary organs exist? Well of course, once upon a time, there existed a former ancestor, which had those organs. But as the habits change, their function reduces, causing these organs to become useless.

Now only our arrogance our bias can make us conclude that humans and other species came from the Demi-Gods. However, our conclusion of evolution is even more strengthened- if we look at geological succession as well as distribution of these species all over the world.

But, a wonderful and a beautiful act of nature that millions of years ago, when from just a mere combination of water, and Carbon di oxide, with sunlight in the sea these life forms sprung up. Carbon di oxide and sunlight converted to make simple sugars. And in millions and millions of years, these organisms took shape into unique acts of creation.

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