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The holidays is a time to encourage family activity.
How about I did not decorate my tree until Christmas eve! My plan was to get my family to assist me, however along the way the two of them refused. So on today (perhaps yesterday now), my husband said that he would help me after he finished his afternoon nap (yes, we're at the point in life). My daughter says we're "old." Usually, I suggest that she keep "living." Anyhow, it's been a fight to get the Christmas spirit going around here. But I love Christmas - the movies, the gift giving, the family gatherings, etc. I look forward to this time all year long!

A big part of the struggle to get in the Christmas spirit is my husband. He is usually sad due to his mother no longer being with us. She was born during December and he misses her. I do understand this, however I still try to stay upbeat. I encourage him to do the same, since we finally have grandchildren and we should be uplifting for them. My point is that I have tried to get my husband to go Christmas shopping this year. However, he refused to go. Well, on Christmas eve after 7:00 p.m. he wanted to send out for a relative's gift. So, my daughter and I ended up in one of the large retail stores searching for a gift. Usually, I end up in a store on most Christmas eves, but I had hoped this year would be better. Why don't husbands listen to their wives sometimes? Well, there's always hope for next year!

Written:  December 24, 2013
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