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Please read and review. this is my blog/journal for 2014. hope you enjoy reading. :):):)
1/1/14 A New Year.

Oh my god,
I'ts 2014 (I'm still getting used to writing 2014 rather then 2013) and I have twelve goals for this year. Here they are:

1. Hook up with my crush since grade two
2. Dump my current boyfriend
3. Do more things to do with witchcraft.
4. Finish my book 'Selene the witchcraft goddess'
5. Fix things with my dad
6. Review and write more stories and books
7. Try to convince my brother that my bestie and crush aren't complete idiots
8. Lose weight
9. Throw a wicked party
10. Buy a new computer charger
11. Keep in contact with my long lost cousins
12. HAVE FUN!!!

So these are my 2014 goals. If you have any questions to do with any of my goals feel free to email me.
Anyway the highlights of today were probably:

1. I got Facebook
2. I met up with my long lost cousins

So yeah, I finally got Facebook (hooray). I have sent a friend request to my mega crush. I hope he accepts it. My mum wouldn't let me have but when i asked my ad he said i could have it so... yeah.

The second event of today was me seeing my long lost cousins. I haven't seen them since i was eight so it was pretty fun hanging out with them. The only downside was that one of them didn't like LILY ALLEN (my all time favorite singer!!!) But apart from that it was pretty good.

So that's all for today. Happy new years everyone.
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