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by Shaara
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Not all storms form inside clouds . . .

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Prompt: Write a story 1000 words or less or a poem 40 lines or less which begins with the phrase, "A gathering storm..." (You do not need to include the ellipses, but you will need to finish the sentence!)


The Storm

A gathering storm announced its coming
Not with thunder, distant and grave,
Nor moisture that clung to the brow.

Only twisted skin wrinkled with ugly,
Gritted teeth, shining eyes, pouting lips,
And a small nose oddly puckered.

Both legs gave a frenzied twitch
As an electric field built up current,
Readying itself for imminent discharge.

I offered a soothing hand, quiet words:
A mix of reassurance, reminder, reproach,
Anything to prevent a transformation.

But storms heed neither words nor threats.
First came the downpour -- the flash flood.
His legs chafed, coiled, and churned.

Thunder arrived in outright screams
That boomed, blasted, and pierced.
Arms pummeled carpet. Feet drummed.

But soon, the storm, voluminous in tumult,
Passed into thumb-sucking tranquility,
Leaving no rainbows -- only quiet.


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