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From birth we are all taught what our parents have been taught.
From birth we are all taught what our parents have been taught; which is often simply what their parents have taught them. We take this in without ever asking many questions such as who we are, why we are here and why things are the way they are. Generations have passed, trends have changed, technologies have emerged and communication has opened the doors to new evolutionary ideas and insights that are pushing the envelope on society’s boundaries. Yet, evolutionary ideas seem to remain in the ‘fantasy‘ section of an industrialist system.”

“Authority knows best” is the slogan that guides our conventional wisdom. We meanwhile, are left to mind our own business, go on with our lives and attempt to live happily ever after– as long we conform to the norms forced upon us. From cradle to grave, we are led to follow the guidelines of what authority defines as ‘A state-of-the-art System‘; a system in which success seems to begin and end within the running wheel of education, career-performance, debt-management and retirement.

A vibrant economy is the ultimate priority of our global hierarchy. While a vibrant planet, respect for all living beings, healthy meals, peaceful ways and conscious seem to be a mere subject of conversation, often turned into fund-raising campaigns with little to no impact at all. We shall nonetheless pass on these capitalist and patriotic values to our children– giving them the tools to carry out the very same cycle we have been in for as long as we can remember. After all, it is all we have ever known.

Some have stated that we have reached the peak of human evolution. But have we really moved beyond all the archaic and backward concepts of reality? Have we collectively let go of all that restrains humanity? When we consciously expand our awareness and look beyond what our system stands for, we realize that it is simply erroneous to presume that it endorses a ‘forever-sustainable’ way of living. It is no concern for respecting either Nature or human lives. It profits only through the notion of human unconsciousness. How many war casualties, oil spills, dead fish and natural disasters will we need to see before we set aside our differences, and awaken to our inter-connectedness with each other, with the Earth and all life-forms?

We destroy our home– the Earth– for the sake of the economy.

We torture and treat animals as mere commodities for the sake of the economy.

We continue to use oil–despite the alternatives– for the sake of the economy.

We perpetuate war and kill each other for the sake of the economy.

We promote superficial and materialistic values for the sake of the economy.

We in-debt the poor for the sake of the economy.

We remain asleep for the sake of the economy.

The understanding and wisdom that would deprogram our minds and open our eyes to the grand scheme of things has no economic value in the eyes of

“The System”.
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