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The Soul of a Horse by Joe Camp

Joe Camp is the author and creator of the "Benji" movies and series.

In the Soul of a Horse he has written two stories.  The first story is about his own interest and history with horses.

The second story, which is entwined with the first story, is an illustration about a wild horse herd. Camp attempts to use the history of the wild horse herds not only to add interest to the story but to make his own point about how to keep horses healthy and content.

There are some different views about caring for horses put forth in this story.  It is not new information but Camp gives freely of his own experience in this field. He writes it in an interesting and  heartfelt manner.

Beginners, who are just starting to keep and care for their horses,as they are researching information, will find this material a part of many different views on the best care for feeding, hoof care, and stabling.

Joe Camp has a website that gives more information and illustrations about horse care. 
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