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by jets0n
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short story


  George was a Moth. So was I.  MY name is Stanley. We are Gypsy Moths. Our family moved around a lot in the neighborhood. George was a bachelor. I was married to a lightning bug and had a dozen kids. My wife did not like George because he was always getting me in trouble.
  Like the time when he wanted to drag race me. “Whats a drag race?” I asked.
  “We line up side by side and when I say go we fly as fast as we can and the one that gets to that light bulb, in that house over there wins.” George said.
  “Fine, lets go.” I said.  And George took off. “Wait.”,” Wait.” “I thought you said, when you said go.”
  “Don’t matter who says go.” he laughed
George had a head start but I was catching up. Side by side now, I was going to win. George suddenly stopped.
George was dying laughing as I fluttered to the ground. “What the heck hit me?” I asked.
“Glass pane.” George said, still laughing. “You tricked me, you dirty bug.” I yelled.

  Then George fell in love. He was smittened by a Flamenco Dancer at a local night club.
She was a Monarch Butterfly from Mexico named Rosa.

  I had to make the rounds to all the porch lights by myself. It just was not the same without George. After a few nights of this, George showed up at my crib on my limb.
He was devastated.  “Rosa.” “My dear Rose, Rosa.” “Rosa left me.” George was telling me.
“Why? I asked.
“She said her and her kind had to visit Mexico every year for some rite of some kind.” George said.
“Want to go out tonight and buzz some porch lights?” I asked trying to cheer him up.
“No, I don’t feel up to it.” George said, broken hearted.
Then he asked: “Stanley, wheres Mexico?”
“I  don’t know, but I heard that its a long way.” I answered
“I miss her so much, her dancing to that music.” “It’s like I can’t get that music out of my head.” George said.
“I think I hear it also.” I said. And I did. It was coming from somewhere above.
“Is the music coming from that big light bulb in the sky?” George asked.
“Sounds like it.” I said.
“That must be Mexico?” George said in delight.
“NOOOoooooo.” NOOO.” I yelled at George as he took to the air.
I flew as fast as I could to catch up to George.
Higher than the housetops, higher than the highest tree.
“George”, “ George”, Wait.” “Not one Moth has ever reached that light bulb and came back to tell about it.” I said. We were now half as high as the mountain. The big light bulb didn’t seem to be getting any closer as we flew higher and higher.
Then I saw a black shadow against the big light bulb. Then another and another. They darted this way and that way. One came close to me and went toward George. And George was not there anymore. The creature that came past me looked like a rat with wings.

I was looking for George but could not find him and the beasts were after me. I wondered if I should  go higher looking for George. As I looked back toward Earth I saw lights blinking in our tree. It was a coded message from my wife and kids.

It was saying: “Come home Stanley, Come home.”

Now every time I look up at that big light bulb in the sky, I wonder if George escaped the creatures and found his Rosa.
I found a piece of wing that fell
From that night in hell.

A bit of twine from a satin sweater,
Doesn't make me feel any better.

Here's hoping my friend finds his love,
In that bright light up above.

Here's to him and……….”Wait…….

“I hear music.” “ I think I hear music.”


                                                  The end      Stanley Jett

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