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A story I wrote years ago. Bit of a downer, not to be taken seriously ;) Hope you enjoy.
Mr Red Tie

What do you say to the man who only knows profit? Your suit and tie is more likely to impress him than your kind words. Where every opportunity is taken for profit such as friendship if the other is worth it. Even your average man dances the profit dance sub-concisely. Every hero saves a life for profit, not because it’s right. Think about it, try and find one thing that doesn’t lead to profit.
Friendship? Because you’re alone, sex? Because it feels good, job? For money. It is the reason to why we got up in the morning, why we suffer the shitty boss or why we put up with the fuck-wits that crowd our day to day life. Love me or hate me but please, give me profit.

Mr Red Tie, you are powerful, befriending you shall gain profit while your blue tie sits at home crying and digs its way through the good ice cream.

“Mr Red Tie, what a beautiful, intelligent and witty wife you have but pray tells why is she here?”

“For the profit”

The world revolves around that simple question, what’s in it for me? Think hard reader, think hard. What action can be non-profitable? No
idea? Love perhaps?

The world is a smart place until love rears its ugly head and shows off it grade E in common sense.

“Mr Red Tie, love is non-profitable”

“Ha ha, well you won’t catch me in love”

Clever Mr Red Tie, while his wife drinks her fruity green death he grows ever fatter on profit.

The world is dying? The rivers are drying up? Mankind’s stupidity is on the rise as well as their population? Sea level is rising? Who gives a flying fuck? If fate didn't exist before, it does now. So if death is my fate, might as well make some profit in the mean time.

Clever Mr Red Tie, I will try to take after him.

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