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A recurring dream about the Earth
I'm floating in space again.

I look around and I panic. How did I get here? Suspended in nothingness I see the vastness of forever presented before me. Does it make sense? It is black and cold and empty. Alone. Desolate. I struggle to interpret which way is up or down and the feeling of panic rises up in me again. Can there truly be nothing? Infinity seems to make immediate sense while the confusion grows. Am I lost?

I Search with all my might. There must be something.

I see it.

Bobbing in the distance is something metallic. Elation. How do I reach it? What is it? I look down and again I'm faced by the prospect of nothingness, an endless chasm. I look up into the abyss and realize this is my only chance. I feel something in my hand. A whip! Surely I can lasso this object? I pull the whip behind my head and throw it forward. I see the rope unfurl and head outwards. It wraps around the object and I can't believe my luck. I pull. Now I'm moving toward the object at some speed and as I pass it I notice that it's a satellite.

I'm still moving.

And then I really see it.

Home. I cannot believe its beauty. At this range I just see a blue sphere. A bubble so precious and delicate that it might just pop. Is it alone? As I travel closer I see its strength. I see deep blues and incredible whites and I note that in this endless emptiness there is only this. This one thing that is able to give life. I'm hurtling now and I can feel its warmth. I'm being pulled. I suddenly worry that I won't make it. Surely I cant travel this fast?

I close my eyes.

I hit water.

I feel myself being forced through liquid but the deeper I go the more I slow down. I don't know how deep I have gone. I open my eyes. Not again! I'm suspended in darkness and it's cold and empty. I swim upwards. Frantically trying to see light. I'm starting to suffocate. Suddenly I see blue and green and I'm free. I burst through the surface. I breathe. How wonderful. This is all I need to keep me alive. Fresh air. But where am I?

I feel something beneath me.

A presence.

At first I'm uneasy but I relax. Something breaks the surface up ahead. I see a smooth long black cylinder and it blows water out into the air. Beautiful. I smile. The whale dives and I feel it beneath me again, unexpectedly I am launched up into the air and out toward the open ocean. As I look down I see more of these creatures. I land in the water and suddenly I'm launched forward again, and again, and again. The whales are using the flippers on their tails to propel me. Mid flight I catch a glimpse of gold and green. The more I am thrown the clearer it becomes. Land.

The water becomes shallow and now dolphins, turtles and fish lead me. I'm being pushed inland. Finally a wave takes me in. I crawl onto land, weak and unsure about my surroundings. Perhaps this is how our oldest ancestors felt. Relief. The sun instantly warms my skin and I look up and appreciate. How lucky we are.

I wake.

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