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A young man and his brother fight the living dead in this short horror story
WARNING: This is another short story of mine that i had written when i was around 13 years old. There is no editing done to this yet. Please bare with me as it will eventually be finished. Thank you.

Return of the Dead

Chapter 1

It is around 5:30 p.m. and I am outside standing here at the corner of broken hand st. waiting for my cousin Brad Pintin. While I was still standing at the corner of Broken hand St., the cool winter air flashed through my face like a sword through thin air. Finally in the midst of the snow falling I could just make out his face.
Brad is 5’ 3, 100 lbs., dark brown hair and blue eyes. Even though we were cousins and our mom’s were sisters we didn’t look alike at all. I was 6’0, 135 lbs., light brown hair and brown eyes.

“Hurry up!” I called. He came running down to the corner were I was waiting for him. “What took you so long?” I asked.

“I had to take a shower you know.” He replied.

“Well you didn’t have to freaking taken a year and a day.” I said.
When we got to the house we walked in and sat down for dinner.
At dinner everyone was quite. No one said a word. So of course my damn brother Chris started a conversation.

“Hey mom?” Chris started.

“Yes dear.” My mom replied.

“You know those zombie movies Jeremy likes to watch?” He asked.

“Yes I do Chris.” My mom said.

“Well I heard that there is some type of disease going around that is close by us.” He said.

“Oh that’s nice Chris.” My mom said with a weird look on here face.

“Chris if your telling the truth then why don’t you just tell us what the news said about it?” I asked.
“Okay I will.” Answered Chris.

“They said it turned human beings into flesh eating zombies and the dead to the undead.” He said.

“But do you know how to kill the zombies Chris?” I asked.

“No, not exactly.” He replied.

“I guess that means your screwed Chris.” I said.

“Because if one of them zombies comes after you and you don’t know how to kill it you will want to know how to.” I added.

“Jeremy watch you r mouth!” Mom said.

“I was just trying to give him the facts mom!” I yelled.
After that everyone got up except Brad and I. We both sat there thinking about what Chris had said.
Later Brad and I were upstairs in my room playing The Dead are Alive on my new system Gamer. The reason we were playing this game was because the zombies were on my mind at the time.

“So Brad do you think Chris is telling the truth about the whole zombie commotion?” I asked curiously.

“I sure hope he is lining because I don’t want to get bit by one of those damn things.” He replied.

“You don’t really have to worry about getting bit if you stay with me the whole time.” I said smiling.
Soon after we had finished playing our game we headed down stairs to watch Undead, which was one of my favorite movies. Once the movie was over Brad and I decided to watch the rest of the news to see if there was an up date on the zombies and the disease. The news had said the same thing that Chris had said to us earlier at dinner. Also they said the zombies were flooding the United States. Our family was in a bad place since we were in Pennsylvania and New York was very close.

“We better be ready for this one Brad.” I said.

“Yeah I know, I guess we really shouldn’t tell your mom about this should we?” Brad said.

“No.” I replied.

“I’m not going to and it’s a good idea I don’t.” I added.
Since my mom was going to Mexico tomorrow morning I was guessing that was good. Then suddenly outside off in the distance I heard a moaning sound that seemed to me that wasn’t an animal but something very abnormal.

Chapter 2

Brad and I both looked at each other worriedly that tomorrow my mom would not make it to Mexico in the morning.
The next morning I looked out the window to see that my mom’s car was gone. So obviously, that my mom made it to the airport and hopefully to Mexico. I looked over to were Brad was sleeping.

“Wake up Brad.” I whispered.

“I’m up, I’m up.” He said tired.

“My mom is gone.” I said.

“That’s good.” He replied still tired.

“Lets go down stairs and have some breakfast and then see if the news is on yet.” I said running across the room to the stairs.

“I could really go for some eggs and sausage about now.” Brad said.
We ran down stairs and had some breakfast and went to turn on the TV. The news said for residents to lock all there doors and find a safe place to hide. Of course I had a better solution to the problem.

“Brad lets get my dads truck and head over to the Shop An Go and get weapons.

“Sounds like a good idea to me.” Brad said.

“Get the keys!” I shouted.

“Got am’.” He yelled.

“Lets get the hell of here man!” I said.
We floored the truck to the Shop An Go. It seemed like the whole world had just left and never came back. We walked in and found things lying around like a heard of animals had came by seconds ago. We headed down to the gun department while looking at the ruble left of the stuff. When we got to the department there wasn’t that many guns but enough for twenty people. We grabbed as much ammo as we possibly could carry in a knapsack near by. Then from behind me I heard a loud moan and turned around. It was a zombie! I picked up one of the guns and pointed it at its head. BAM!!! The bullet went clear through its head and brains flew in either direction.

“Holy Shit man that stinks!” Brad said.

“I know man, Jesus!” I agreed.

“Forget that guy lets just leave and get to somewhere safe.” I said with a disgusted look on my face. I hesitated and looked again at the face of the dead gory smashed in headed zombie. I turned my back to it and ran out of the building and to the truck. We set off to look for shelter and food to hold us over for the rest of the day.
About 20 minuets past and Brad and I found a huge mall. The mall had what any other mall would have. Book store and clothes store and a gun shop. We could use a lot of the ammo so we can kill the zombies off and not run out of ammo quick. Once we had the truck parked there were approximately fifteen different zombies trying to surround us. We got away fast. I grabbed a gun and shot the first three zombies by the main entrance and walked quickly in.
Once in the mall we looked for the gun shop. I scanned the directory and ran past the zombies to find the gun shop. We needed another backpack so we could fit more guns and ammo in it. Some of the cabinets we found had grenade launchers and some rockets in them stored away for the swat team. We took them and the rest of the guns we could carry and headed down to the security room. Zombies were right behind us but we didn’t know until one of them moaned. I turned around and shot it in the head BAM!!! The cracking of the gun was so loud it pierced my ears and Brads.

Chapter 3

Since we couldn’t find the security room we decided to go get some food. On are way to get some food I heard one of my favorite songs called Rock On- by The Punks. This song made me a little hyper so I blew a couple of zombies’ heads off. That didn’t make Brad and I hungry anymore but we still had to eat something.
I had Chinese and Brad had a burger from Burger Palace.
After we were finished eating dinner I had told Brad that we needed to find a store that sold mattresses so we had a place to sleep.

“I think I saw a store like that right when we came in the entrance.

“Okay. Lets go down there now.” I said.

“Okay.” Brad said.
We walked about half way down to the store when I noticed there were about three dozen zombies scattered all around.

“Brad get out two of the shotguns and four of the 9mm’s out and load them.” I demanded.

“Ready!” Brad yelled.

“Brad we will separate. I’ll take the main entrance and you take the back.” I said.

“And we meet back at the gun shop.” I quickly added. Brad nodded and bolted down to the back entrance. BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!! I shot three times killing three zombies and blood flew in all different directions with brains following. The blood and brains smacked against the wall like a tongue slapping against two lips. Brad looked back but then went back to his own work.
Running and shooting at the same time I tried to get as much zombies as I could. Then I slipped on some blood and my body slammed to the ground with a thud!

“Shit!” I yelled. I had dropped my gun.
While I was trying to get my gun back one of the zombies was crawling towards me and tried to bite me. I kicked it in the face and it jerked back. I then quickly grabbed my gun and started running again.
Loading a gun and running at the same time is not an easy thing to do. It gets to be a pain in the ass. BAM!! BAM!! Man it is getting hard to shoot these zombies from long distances I thought to myself. Some zombies walked right to me and did nothing but I still killed them.
By the time I was tired I stopped and looked around. The walls and floor were covered with blood and guts. I heard gunshots now and then but it was only Brad trying to survive. I gazed down the mall and saw the store with the mattresses. Inside were a couple of zombies. It was easy killing them. Even though one of the mattresses was drenched in blood from the zombies.
It was now seven o’clock on my watch so I lay down on the mattress and sighed. The bed was really comfy so I thought Brad could sleep on the floor. I know I wasn’t going to. My ass had hurt from running around and so did my legs.
All of a sudden I heard a girl scream. I got up surprised and ran out of the store, loaded my guns and I got ready for hell to break loose from its cage.

Chapter 4

I ran to were I had heard the scream from. The only problem was I didn’t see the girl anywhere. CLICK!!! I slowly turned around to see a gun pointed right at my face.

“Holy Shit!” I yelled.

“Put the gun down lady.” I said scared.

“I’m not a lady.” The girl said.

“My name is Kendra Right.” She said.

“Really?” I asked looking suspiciously at her.

“Yeah!” Kendra shouted.

“Okay. So how the hell did you get in here?” I asked her.

“My mom in I came to shop for clothes and the next thing a thing bit my mom and I shot it.” Kendra said crying.

“How did you get that gun?” I asked.

“I always carry one with me.” She replied.

“Well it isn’t your fault your mom had to die like that.” I tried to explain.
I held her shoulder and then she started to cry. She Sniffed and asked,

“What about the rest of the people who were here shopping?”

“There probably all dead or ran to find shelter somewhere near by.” I said.

“I think we should go head to the gun shop to meet back up with my cousin Brad.” I added.

“What is it like to kill a zombie to you?” Kendra asked.

“I think it’s easy but wrong.” I answered.

“Oh, and by the way my names Jeremy Colbert.

“Nice to meet you.” Kendra said. We headed to the gun shop and found Brad there waiting for me.

“Brad this is Kendra. Kendra this is Brad.” I said.

“Nice to meet you.” Kendra said.

“You too.” Brad reacted.

“So how many zombies did you kill?” Brad asked.

“I would say around a dozen or so.” I replied.

“Okay Brad we have to go check the rest of the mall and see if there is more zombies before we try anything else.” I said sternly.

“Before we go lets get some more guns and load the rest of them.” I said.

“Okay.” Brad said.

“Kendra do you know how to shoot a gun?” I asked.

“You bet your ass I can shoot a gun.” Kendra replied smiling.

“Good at least we have another person that can shoot a gun.” I said in relief.
We started walking and then running because we had to avoid getting into zombie business. We only had to shoot three at the most. It didn’t matter since we had so much ammo. After a few moments we stopped to rest and then were ready to go kick some ass again.

“Finally there’s an escalator!” I said breathlessly.

“Great.” Brad said. As soon as we got up stairs to the second floor of the huge shopping mall I just knew all hell was about to begin.

Chapter 5

As we looked upstairs we could hear the sounds of the sickening in-human zombies. We just knew that something really bad was going to happen.

“This is it guys, where in the second floor of hell.” I said.

“You know a lot about these zombies don’t you Jeremy?” Kendra asked.

“Yes he does.” Brad answered for me.

“All right guys we all need to split up for this sucker and take out all the zombies.” I said. Each of us loaded our guns and got in gear.
We were ready to kick some zombie ass. Brad took the left while Kendra took the middle and I took the right.

“If we get lost and don’t see each other in a few hours you’ll have to find shelter on your own.” I said.

“Jeremy I have to tell you something.” Said Kendra. I hesitated and told her to tell me later. I ran and thought I heard her say she worked for the Scientific Bio-Hazard Service.

That night I thought about what Kendra had said back at the escalators. I couldn’t believe what she had said. I bet she was on to something. The same time I thought this three men dressed in science lab clothes walked towards me. One looked to be about thirty- five and the others in there twenties. One of them asked me

“Are you Jeremy Colbert?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Were are scientists with the Bio-Hazard Service.” The one replied.

“And your names are?” I asked.

“I am Matt, this is Jeff, and this is Ken.” Matt replied.

“Well what do you guys want?” I asked suspiciously.

“We heard that your eighteen and you know all about the zombies.” He said.

“And do you know anyone by the name of Kendra?” Kent asked.

“Yes.” I replied.
"Well got to go guys see you later!” I shouted.

I started to run down the aisle of the mall where I then found Kendra and Brad lying on the benches.

“Well guys how did it go out there?” I asked.

“Like shit. You?” Brad answered.

“I did find a couple of scientists looking for Kendra and they looked pissed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Kendra said.

“Lets get out of here before the zombies eat us alive.” I said.
When I got up one zombie grabbed my leg and tried to bite it.

“Get of my leg you ASS HOLE!!” I yelled.

Brad took his gun and shot the zombie point blank in the head. Blood scattered all over me since I was so close to the zombie. I couldn’t take a shower so we had to find the scientists. But somehow I managed to get all of the blood off of me.
Soon, it was very dark out and the three scientists were nowhere in site. I looked out the window pain and saw lights on about a mile away. That could be were the scientists are I thought to myself. That same night I had flashbacks of my parents and the good times we had together. What If my parents aren’t alive? What would I do? I couldn’t live the rest of my life with just two people. If my parents were dead I would take my revenge on those bastards and make them all pay.

Chapter 6

The scientists were back. It was time I out smarted them. They would never kill me or the other two.

Kendra was waiting for me down by the main entrance to the mall. Brad and I hurried to meet up with her when out of nowhere a bullet flew past my left ear. I turned to see the scientists with there guns pointed at us. They would fire again if I moved one more step.

“It’s too late Jeremy.” Said Matt.

“The girl is coming with us and you can’t stop that.” He said.

“Oh, but I can.” I said.

“How do you figure?” Matt asked.
With that thought in mind I raised my gun to Kendra. Matt smiled and waited for me to do something. I smiled back and then looked at Kendra. I looked at Matt again closely. I saw a zombie behind him and it would attack.

“Matt you might want to turn around.” I said. But he ignored me. Brad was smart and stayed upstairs like I told him to. A few seconds later the zombie grabbed Matt by the shoulders and bit his neck. I watched Matt go down and as this happened his gun went of and had shot Kendra. I ran to her and felt her pulse. It didn’t beat. The other scientists were gone and I was pissed. I went to go find them both. I turned to see Ken and Jeff standing next to each other. They didn’t see me so I hid behind a pillar. I slightly moved to see Jeff. I aimed at his chest and shot. Ken didn’t move or alarm himself.

“You’ll never win Jeremy.” He said.

“The end is near.” He said.

“Why is this happening?” I asked.

“We took a virus and used it to see if it would effect humans.” He said and then laughed. I had such fury and rage I shot him four times. By the time Ken hit the floor I had already set the bomb to ten minutes.
I headed to get Brad. We ran as quickly out of the building as possible. We got into the truck and fled. Within nine minutes the mall was at least one mile away.
The next minute the bomb went off. The mall was gone. We found a docking area. Once we were at the boats Brad and I had picked our yacht that we wanted. We got ready and sailed to the closest island we could find and thought was safe.

Chapter 7

I climbed off board of the yacht and got ready to set up for camp.

“Brad you see if there is any food and supplies while I go set up for camp." I said.

Brad nodded. I haled the huge bag with the tent in it to a good spot. I stopped and worked on the camp. While doing this off in the distance you could hear groans of inhuman things.

I, Brad, was on my way back to the boat with enough food for a couple of nights. I had the boat in sight when I heard several gunshots. I quickly ran to the boat, grabbed two pistols, and a twleve gage shotgun. I went to investigate. It didn't take me long to figure out what was going on. My cousin was in danger. Ten zombies surrounded him. He shot furiously at them. Three went down with a thud. Blood was rushing from the holes in thier skulls. I helped Jeremy by taking out the rest of them. We heard more distant crys. They were coming. I bolted for the boat while Jeremy took a few more zombies out. Jeremy ran inside the boat and yelled for me to start it. The boats engine rummbled and spat as we flew down the dark murky river. By dawn we would reach a development and spend our lives in a nice house. It wasn't much, but would provide warmth and some food until we would need more. Exaustfullness filled us both and we went to bed. Tomorrow would be another day.
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