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There's a legend that one town keeps. And only few know.
Brenda Callahay can't stop thinking about the legend of Brie County. She was sure it will launch her career as a reporter. Okay I might be a stretch she thought realistically, but at the very least it sure would open doors for her.
And all she has to do Is visit old man's canyon and interview a few of the town's residents about some silly legend.
Suddenly her lithe impala sputtered then totally stopped in the middle of the road. She noticed some odd noises coming out from the engine this couple of days but she didn't imagine it would just stop like that in the middle of some mountain road in the middle of nowhere!
Okay; think calm. She told herself. She can fix this and even if she can't someone would drive here wont they.
Here goes. Bracing herself she opened the impala's trunk and immediately a cloud of smoke flew out. Fighting not to cry she went to look at the engine. At least she knows that is the engine, but all the other parts are unknown to her.
She has not always been a patient person just waiting for a minute is unbearable. Resigning herself she got her purse and began to walk. Beginning to curse her three inch heels because her feet are beginning to hurt. She only wore the crazy things including the black dress she's wearing because she wanted to make a good impression. Hopefully the Poiter's would let her stay at their house as a guest.
To keep her mind of her aching feet. She began to systematically review her questions when all of a sudden there came out a unkempt bearded men. Suddenly she began to feel a little cautious, maybe he just............................................................... because she have been judge by her looks all her life she refused to judged, but still the she can't shake off the feeling of uneasiness.
Taking a deep breath she

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