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by K-lee
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I was crying so hard why was I crying so hard? A girl finds out why she won't stop crying.

The Chosen One

Girls POV:

I was crying so hard, why was I crying so hard? I could feel my hot tears mixing in with the heavy rain that was falling all around me. My body was shaking extensively as I stood alone in the dark. Where was I? I thought as I looked around myself. It was raining I knew that much. I could feel it the warm rain that fell upon my shaken up body.

I wanted to know where I was but the rain was falling too thick making it hard to see. And it didn't help that my eyes were full of hot tears. I tried wiping away some of my tears but that was no help either; they still falling down as fast and as heavy as the rain around me did. I wanted to stop crying, why couldn't I stop crying? This made cry even more, nothing was helping.

I was breathing coughing through my mouth now trying hard to fight back the tears that just seem to have a life of their own. I was crying out loud now as well I could hear my own cries and sobs echoing in the space around me. Both my hands were over my face covering it as I sobbed into them. My body was shaking so hard it felt as though I just wanted to just fall and collapse onto the ground underneath me. What was wrong with me?

I was still crying alone until I heard something in the distant, it was footsteps splashing in the rain and I looked up. I didn't see anything at first but then there a good couple of meters away in the distant there was someone. I could see the dark frame of their body as they approached me. I looked again, as he approached me. It was a man well he wasn't really a man he looked to be only a few years older then me? But still he was coming towards me.

I saw his face as he came into the light of where I was standing he was absolutely handsome. He was drenched to the bone just like I was. His black hair clung to his face just like his shirt did to his torso and I swear his shirt was so wet that I could see his rock hard abs showing through? But his face was what grasped my attention the most it was his expression. I couldn't tell if he was in shook or in a panic? But his dark brown eyes were pulling me in. They were so beautiful just like he was.

I couldn't believe it but I was still sobbing even though there was this handsome guy here in front of me. Why couldn't I stop? I mean I didn't even want to cry anymore but still I was crying hard like I was in some kind of great pain.

He came even closer to me. What did he want? He was standing just in front of me now and he was breathing heavily like he had just run a mile.

My hands were just under my chin as he came right up to me and grabbed my shoulders with both of his hands. I was just about to pull away out of his grip when he pulled me into a hug. He did it so quick like he already knew that I was going to pull away and in a blink of an eye he had both his arms wrapped tightly around me. One arm around my lower back and the other holding the back of my head pushing it down onto his chest. His chest, I was right he did have a rock hard torso. I could feel it so well as he pulled me into him a little more each time by tightening his arms more and more around me.

I should have been frightened or have at least pulled away right away trying to get away. But I didn't. I didn't know what it was but just the way he held me in his embrace, I felt so safe? How could this be he was a stranger wasn't he? I could hear him breathing next to my ears his warm breath on my neck and all I could do was breath and cry as he held me.

"W,why a,am I,I..." It was so hard for me to get my words out through my sobs.

"Shh..." He said and his voice sounded so nice. He moved his hand to stroke the back of my head. "You don't need to worry anymore, I'm here now."

I didn't know what he meant, but I was still crying as hard as before? I didn't what him to see me like this so I tried to pull away from him again.

"No don't." He said quickly as he tightening his arms around me again. "Your body is still weak, just let me hold you like this for a while."

What did he mean? I had no idea? But at the same time I didn't really care. I wanted to be in his arms like this his strong body up against mine. It felt so good, so nice I almost didn't want it to end.

If only it wasn't for my uncontrollable crying and shaking, I would have let him hold me all night like this. This was too embracing even for me, I didn't really even know this guy and he was really gorgeous and here I was crying like a baby in front of him. I needed to get myself together.

"I,I'm sorry I,I can't." I said but barely as I tried pulling away from him again. I didn't get every far before he pulled me into him again, shaking his head while saying "it's ok, it's ok". This was getting out of hand now I didn't even know this guy. "Stop!" I said louder from being a little annoyed.

I pushed harder this time and to my surprise he actually loosened his arms and let me take a step back. I was still at arms length with him and he still had his hands on both sides of my arms. But I guess this was better then before, or maybe not? Now I was able to see his eyes again, his dark beautiful brown eyes and they were looking straight at me.

"I'm sorry." He said after a while of us staring at each other. "Your confused right?" He was speaking softly and his voice sounded so sweet to my ears. I nodded to answer him through my still sobbing, I was trying hard to fight back on my sobs. I didn't want to cry in front of him. "It's alright I understand and it's alright if you want to cry as well." What was he on about? "I'm here now and I'll always be here for you now, so it's all alright now."

Why did he keep saying that everything's alright? He sighed. "You wanna know why you keep crying right?" I was just staring at him now and my eyes were starting to feel sore from all my hot tears that never seemed to have an end. "Just remember that no matter what I still love you." He paused for just a second before adding. "Your dead, you're crying because you're dead." And then he stopped to watch my reaction.

His words, I didn't know what to be more shocked about? The fact that this person I had only just met said he loves me or that he said I was crying because I was dead?

"What?" I said pushing him hard off me now, he tried to hold on but he lost his grip on me from my wet and slippery arms. "W,what are you t,talking about? W,who are y...." And that's when I saw it.

My eyes were locked onto the dark rich cardinal red colour that stained the front of his grey shirt that had the logo "What's Up" graffiti on it. The red stain had covered so much of his shirt that if he weren't standing so calmly anyone would have been sure that he was badly hurt. But he wasn't and he wasn't bleeding before either? He said I was dead his words just hit me hard. I almost didn't want to but I had to know? My hands were in fist down by my side trying to control my over shaking as I slowly looked down to myself. I don't know how I was able to stay standing I should have fallen over for sure. There was so much even more then what was on his shirt and it was all coming from me, from my abdomen area. The red cardinal colour was even richer, darker as it covered the whole front of my body. Running down me as it mixed in with the rain that poured down in thick and fast heaps. I was dying no, I was dead. I felt my body start to collapse beneath me but then he was there just in time to catch me and hold me back upright. He was so strong as he court and held me like I could have weighed nothing more then a feather. I had stop sobbing but I could still feel my hot tears fall as they added to the wetness of his shirt.

"I'm here now." He said. "And I'll never leave you. I love you."

I was so confused as I breathed onto his blood stained shirt and his arms around me. So tired, so soaking wet from the rain but for some reason I wasn't scared? Should I have been scared, I didn't know? I couldn't remember was all I could really think about, if I was able to even think anymore?

He was a stranger but he said he loves me. I wasn't sure of my feelings to him but he made me feel safe I knew I could feel that much. I was sure that I had never met him before but it felt as though he has been with me for a long time. He said that he wasn't going to leave me, did he meant it?

"Come on." He said to me in his sweet soft voice. "Let's get out of the rain."

I was still so out of it when he said that that I didn't even know when we had started walking off. I had only realised that we had moved away from our original spot from under the light, when he had moved his hand lower down my side and tugged on my shirt a little. We were walking slowly and the rain had lightened up just a little enough just to see where we were going. He had one hand around my back pulling me close into him his other hand was at my front. His hands were so much bigger then mine as he held both my hands in his one that he had at my front over my stomach. I could feel his hands as he held onto me whether it was the one on my back or the one holding my hands. He was holding on to me so tightly like he was never going to let me go and I thought to myself. And I wish he never dose? I was dead that's what he told me whether it was true or not, I hadn't yet gotten an answer? But I knew that if I was dead I was glade that I was dead by his side. But would it stay like this forever, I had hoped so? THE END!

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