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They are going out...
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         “Are you ready to go to the charity event?” Roger gave Angela a meticulous scan of the costume he purchased for her and tried not be to be overcritical. She actually looked stunning, and he could not wait to parade her around the ballroom.

         “I’m about as ready as I’m going to be.” She replied, picking up her purse, rubbing Felix on his head. Angela tried to be analytical. She couldn’t quite but her finger on it, but something just wasn’t right about Roger. He seemed to be modest, but there was an aura of a hidden agenda about him.

         Roger called in an order for a limousine to pick them up. He wanted to be acknowledged as bearing the status quo. No one was going to take this virgin night from him. He had planned this evening out every step of the way, from convincing Angela he was on the up-and-up, as well as planning out the execution of the switch. Feeling his plan was flawless, every action should without fail.

         Roger held out his hand to take her apartment key and escort her downstairs to the waiting limousine. The night was full of energy.
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