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Mother, my dearest friend. i love my mother very much.A supportive pillar and philosopher

Mothers love is the,love of truth and pure,

The beautiful and charming person,

in the world is the mother.

Her soul and heart always,

thinks about her children.

Her love towards children is,as deep as the sea,

that we find no limits for it.

Her friendliness gives us good support,

to achieve our goals.

Her encouragement makes us withstand and,

fight against the troubles.

She always stands as a supportive pillar,

till we reach the final step of our life.

[ means till we get our jobs and get settled with our own family].

This mother heart can bear any type of troubles, except the loss of her child.

If she loss of her child makes the mother broke down and live a meaningless life.

                                                        One important thing: what happens if mother have to face the death of her son/daughter.

She broke down. She found the world become dark at once. Her heart sank down. No one can convince her.

Actually i wrote this because, yesterday there was an accident happened in Medak district. A school bus carrying

30 members of children, crashed by the train. 20 members of children died. The parents of those children were

busted. Its an unbearable scene.All the children  are of below 10 years. I moved very deeply.The parents of that

children are all farmers. The government announced 1 lakh amount for the families who lost their children. Is it

necessary for them? The pain they are feeling now can't be wiped of with the money. It can't return

their children back. 

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