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Poem about letting go
Fretting about a winter storm
Does nothing to keep me warm.
The howling wind and bitter cold
Are fantasies; my thoughts enfold
Around my love. I am the mist
That wrapped him when we first kissed.

Grieving for an old cherry tree
I sigh and set the sadness free.
Birds nest elsewhere;that is all
In my past. Now I can call
Another yard my sunrise place
And watch hummingbirds flit with grace.

I know sometimes I need to bend
To accept that peace found at the end.
No dragging useless, ancient pain
Along these years; I must again
Reach for the blessing. It awaits
My entrance through bright glowing gates.

I must not rush, but remain still
To enjoy every hush and thrill;
Living each fragment of each day
Deliberately. My sorrow slay
With a holy, sharpened sword.
No longer make sadness my lord.

I reach down to earthworms underground
Tell them farewell. I finally found
My wings. Now I sweep and soar.
Shelving troubles from before.
I smile and gently touch down
Wearing gladness as my crown.
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