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by shinn
Rated: 13+ · Other · Comedy · #2004231
Part two of tank girls story.
Episode/part 2 Tanks at school.

As class began, Airi and Mei watched as Sakurai walked over to the row in front of theirs and took her seat, three desk away from Airi. In total, class 1-A had about 30 people in it which included normal people and Tanks. So as such there were five rows of six students each with Mei and Airi in the back of the classroon on the far left, near the window. Curious about the new girl, Airi looked over and took a look at Sakurai. Sakurai sat at her desk, focused on the lesson with the same cute smile she had on when she introduced herself. Airi placed her hand on her chin and thought, "Hmm...wow Sakurai is pretty impressive. She's cute and has huge boobs. She's even a STuG III. I've never even seen one of those..... Huh?" Airi looked over to Sakurai's bag and saw something sticking out of it.

Airi tried to get a better look at this object but suddenly Mei lightly kicked Airi's leg, telling her to pay attention. Airi did as Mei's kick asked and ignored Sakurai's bag for now. A while later morning classes ended and lunch started. Mei pushed her desk up to Airi's and then handed Airi the lunch she promised her. Airi looked around and saw that Sakurai left the room. Airi turned back to Mei and opened the wonderful lunch Mei made for her.

Airi's face lights up with excitement as she says, "Oh! Mei, your lunches are always the best! I feel so bad that this is the last week you'll be cooking for me."
Mei smiles and says, "I kind of liked cooking for you. it feels pretty good to hear someone compliment my cooking."
Airi looks up at Mei and says, "Then would you..."
Mei stops Airi and says, "No. I don't mind it but cooking for you and myself destroyed my allowance."
Airi takes a bite of Mei's lunch and says, "Aww....."
Mei looks at Airi and says, "Though.... I guess I wouldn't mind sharing or making something for you every once in a while."
Airi suddenly hugs Mei from over the desk and says, "Mei, You would make such a good wife!"
Mei pushes Airi back and says, "Anyway...what were you staring at Sakurai for?" Mei smirks and then says, "Don't tell me her boobs hypnotized you or something.'
Airi blushes and says, "No! I was just wondering what kind of tank a STuG III is...and maybe a little about her mountains."
Mei went back to her lunch and said, "Oh, well I guess that make sense."
Airi looks at Mei, curious, and says, "So do you know anything about STuG III tanks?"
Mei thinks about it and says, "Well I do but I can't say how much it would apply to Sakurai. The STuG III has had who knows how many modifications. She could be a long range version or a powerful short range. It'd be impossible to know without seeing her equipment.....and I don't mean her boobs."
Airi smiles and says, ".....how did you know i was going to make that joke?"

Airi and Mei finished up their lunches and then went outside to the track and field area. Once there both girls equipped their tank treads and drove out further into the field. The mixed track and field club was running at the same time so as Airi and Mei drove by them, they waved at them. The club waved back and the girls continued onto the shooting range the school had set up, way behind the school building. The shooting range consisted of a stand for the girls to rest their weapons and a bunch of targets that were anywhere from five meters to 150 meters away from the stand.

Mei and Airi drove up to the stand and set up next to one another. Mei equipped her machine gun and cannon while Airi equipped both of her cannons. Airi's cannons were of the same length but were longer and thinner then Mei's one cannon. Mei held up her cannon and says, "Alright! Time to hit that 150m target."

Airi holds up both her cannons, takes aim and then fires, hitting two 100m targets. Airi smiles and says, "Are you sure. I thought between the two of us, I was more suited for long range."
Mei takes aim and says, "Yeah, you are but it doesn't stop me from trying." Mei fires her cannon and misses the 150m target completely. Mei sighs and says, "It also doesn't stop me from completely missing." Mei puts her cannon down and lifts up her machine gun. Mei opens fire and hits the 25m targets without a single bullet missing.

Airi continues smiling and says, "At least you're good with your machine gun. I don't think i've ever seen you miss with it." Mei and Airi continue practicing but both stop when they hear another tank drive up. Curious about who it is, Mei and Airi turn back and see Sakurai. Unlike themselves, Sakurai's tank treads were huge and meant for mobility and not speed.

Sakurai looked at the two and said, "Oh you are both from my class. Correct?"
Mei goes silent and Airi says, "Yep. I'm Airi and the extremely tall girl trying to hide behind me is Mei." Sakurai hadn't noticed but ever since she showed up, Mei was slowly moving to get behind Airi.
Mei lowers her voice and says, "Umm....hi....i'm Mei."
Sakurai smiles cutely again and says, "Its nice to meet you both. Are you both training here?"
Airi holds up her cannons and says, "Yep. Are you going to train as well?"
Sakurai shakes her head, "yes" and says, "I am not a very good shot but I am hoping to get better."

Airi and Mei watch as Sakurai walks over and sets herself up next to them, placing her school bag at her feet. Sakurai lays her right arm on the stand and equips her cannon. Unlike Airi or Mei, Sakurai's cannon is extremely long and if she didn't lay her arm down first, would of prevented her from placing her arm flat at her side. Impressed by Sakurai's cannon, Airi smiled and said, "Wow! That thing is huge!"

Shocked Sakurai looked up at Airi and Mei and said, "Oh I guess my cannon is a bit longer then most but its not that impressive." Excited to see Sakurai practice, Airi stayed quiet and watched her. Mei, too shy to say anything, also stayed quiet. While watching Sakurai, Airi noticed the object sticking out of Sakurai's bag again. Closer this time, Airi could see this object was a book of some kind but still couldn't tell much more than that. Airi got back to focusing on Sakurai and suddenly, Sakurai fired her cannon and just missed the same 150m target that Mei had shot at.

Sakurai sighs but tries again, aiming for one of the target that Airi hit at 100m. Sakurai fires again and hits this target, hard. The impact held so much force that Airi and Mei were honestly surprised that the target didn't explode. Airi smiles and says, "Wow, that was amazing, Sakurai!"

Sakurai blushes, turns to Airi and lifts up her right hand to rub the back of her head. Sakurai ignores the fact that she was rubbing her head with her somewhat hot cannon and says, "It really wasn't that impressive. My cannon is long and even though i'm not a great shot, i can at least hit targets that far away thanks to my cannon's length."

Airi smiles and says, "Oh! Is someone showing off?"
Mei lightly hits Airi over the head and quietly says, "Airi!"
Sakurai, still blushing, thinks, "Was I?" Sakurai shakes her head and says, "So do you both mind if i ask what kind of tanks you are?"
Airi smiles and says, "I'm a Anti-Air and Anti-Vehicle tank. AA/AV tank for short."
Mei raises her voice a bit and says, "I'm...an M3 Lee tank."
Sakurai becomes impressed and says, "Oh, an AA/AV tank has great range and the M3 Lee pack a lot of power into its shots. You two must be better shots then i am."
Airi becomes happy but says, "Nope! Me and Mei can only hit the 100m targets at best. Actually you're the first person either of us have seen to come close to the 150m target."
Sakurai keeps her smile but in total shock says, "Huh?"

Suddenly the school bell rings and with their training cut short. The three girls pack up and begin walking back to the school building. As the three walked back, Airi took notice of five tank girls driving back to the field from the small forest just behind the school. Airi couldn't see these girls very well since they were so far away but she did noticed that one of them was wearing a bright red scarf around her neck. It stood out a lot seeing as how it was spring right now and it was pretty warm out.

A while later after school was over for the day, Mei and Airi were walking through the halls carrying a few stacks of paper. Mei sighed and said, "How come we have to carry these to the teacher's office?"
Airi smiles and says, "Is there something at home, you're in a rush to get to?"
Mei looks down at Airi and says, "Yeah, I need to watch that anime DVD you gave me. I'm almost done. The last few eps were pretty good but...."

Before Mei could finish her sentence, another voice could be heard saying, "Wait! You're all quitting the club!?" Mei and Airi stopped walking and looked to the source of this sudden outburst. The source was a nearby clubroom in which a girl stood before five other girls. This girl had long green hair wrapped into a single long ponytail and bright red eyes. She was taller then Airi but still shorter then Mei. She wore the same uniform as everyone else and just by the looks of it, her chest was completely flat. However what Airi noticed was the red scarf this girl was wearing around her neck.

Airi and Mei watched all six girl leave the clubroom and watched the green haired girl step out too. One of the girls leaving looked back and said, "Sorry, Mine." The green haired girl, Mine watched the six leave and then lowered her head. Mine walked back into her clubroom and then a moment later walked back out with a sign that read, "Tank club....members NEEDED!" Mine attached this sign to the door, walked back in to the room to grab her bag and then left like all the others.

Airi and Mei watched Mine walk off with her head down and Airi said, "What the hell was that?"
Mei looks down to Airi and says, "That was the tank club president. Mine."
Airi looks up at Mei and says, "You know her....and what's the tank club?"

Mei and Airi begin walking again and Mei says, "I only know Mine by chance. I saw her on our first day here. She's a second year trying to recruit members for her club. As for the tank club, as far as i know its a high-school only club that involves teams of tank girls in mock battles against each other. Aside from that you would have to ask her to find out more about it."
Airi thought about it and said, "Mock battles huh? Sounds cool."
Mei shrugs and says, "Can't tell ya if it is or isn't. I haven't seen any battles myself and as I said, this club is only available in high school."
Airi thought about it and says, "Oh...."

Mei and Airi went on and delivered the papers and then went on home. The next morning, Airi was walking to school but she had this look on her face like she was thinking of something. Airi continued walking as she thought, "That tank club seems interesting but those videos I saw on Tanktube were pretty useless. It looked more like a military movie then a contest or something. Trying to look it up is pointless too since there's that anime about girls in tanks in a tank club.....that was a good show."

Airi keeps walking and out of the corner of her eye she sees Mine walking towards school, down the same road Airi was on. Without thinking, Airi walked over to Mine and said, "Hey."
Mine had her head down but lifted it up to look at Airi. Mine rubbed her eyes as if she had been crying recently and said, "Are you talking to me?"
Airi shakes her head "yes" and says, "I saw what happened with your club yesterday."
Mine lowers her head again and says, "Oh...did you?"
Airi became a little nervous and said, "Yep...So anyway I think I'm a little interested in your club and I'm curious if i could...."
Mine becomes excited and says, "Absolutely! You can join right now!"
Airi sighs in disgust of this expected excitement and says, "Maybe I should stop before she signs me up for real."

A short while later, in classroom 1-A, Airi had just told Mei all of what happened and said, "....And now I have to go see Mine in that forest behind school during lunch."
Mei looked at Airi and said, "How am I not surprised you got involved with her. So do you want me to come with you?"
Airi looks up at Mei and says, "Are you sure? I mean won't your shyness kick in again like it did with Sakurai?"
Mei goes silent and says, "I'll....be fine. I've already talked to her once so it won't get that bad."

Airi smiles and after morning classes and eating her lunch, made by Mei, she and Mei head to the forest behind school where Mine was waiting for Airi. Mine was surprised to see Mei and said, "Oh, so your friend is interested as well?"

Airi looks away and says, "Sort of...."
Mine smiles and says, "Perfect. Do you two mind following me? I have my own field set up in the center of this forest."
Airi smirked and said, "So you want to take two girls into a forest, alone?"
Mei hits Airi's head again and says, "Sure. No problem."

Airi, Mei and Mine all equip their tank treads and curious, Airi looked at Mine's treads. Mine's treads weren't any taller then Mei's or Airi's but seemed heavier and thicker. While driving into the forest, Airi looked at Mine and asked, "So what kind of tank are you, Mine?"
Mine looked back to Airi and said, "I'm a Carro Armato P40. Put more simply, I'm a Italian heavy tank."

With her question answered, all three girls remained quiet until they arrived at Mine's private training grounds. It was a clearing in the forest covered in pieces of broken wood planks sticking out of the ground. It seemed like there were some make-shift wooden boxes as well but everything seemed to be set up to act like barriers. Barriers any tank shell or bullet could rip right through.

Mine threw her arms out, pointing at her field and said, "Ta-dah! The best training field the world's worst club budget could buy!"
Airi and Mei looked at the field and thought, "That makes so much sense."
Airi shook her head real quick and said, "Hold on, Mine."

Mine wondered why Airi was telling her to wait and Airi told Mine what she was trying to tell her before. Mine looks at Airi and says, "So you just wanted to try my club out? I don't mind but are you sure you don't want to join?"
Airi smiles nicely and says, "I would especially after what happened yesterday but I only found out about this club yesterday."
Mine sighs and says, "I guess that's alright. Hmm.... I suppose if you just want to try it out then how about me and you have a mock battle?"
Airi remembered Mei mentioning this and said, "Oh Mei told me about this."
Mei looks to Mine and says, "So how does a mock battle work?"

Mine points to the her field and says, "Well in short we'll shoot at one another until one of us hits the other on their body. Armor hits don't count and head shots are illegal. Also giving up is an option if your opponent traps you."
Airi shakes her head and says, "Sounds fun."
Mine smiles as she turns to Airi and says, "It is and there are many types of mock battles. For this "demo", I guess. We'll just stick with what i just told you."
Airi equips her full tank load-out and says, "Alright but i don't know if your field will survive."
Mine sighs and says, "Don't worry.....if I don't get new members, I'll have to get rid of my field anyway."
Mei looks at Airi and says, "Good luck Airi. I'm going to sit this out. Two against one is unfair."
Airi smirks and says, "Now you think that?"
Mei blushes and says, "Dammit Airi. Just forget that stuff already."

Mine was curious about this what Airi and Mei were talking about but chose to ignore it for now. Mine and Airi took opposite sides of the poorly made field and Mei stood back, watching on from the side lines. Mei counted down from ten and as she did, Mine equipped her full tank load-out. Airi looked at Mine and saw her leg armor was thick and so was the armor over her cannon arm but her other arm as well as her back armor seemed thinner. Mine had a machine gun like Mei but it was smaller and hard to notice since her left arm armor covered everything but the barrel.

Unlike Mei or Airi, Mine's left arm armor spread out over her arm, looking like a massive shield. Mei hit zero in her countdown and the two girls rushed out onto the field. Mine took cover behind one of her make-shift wooden boxes and laid her cannon arm down on said box. Mine aimed her cannon at Airi but Airi was driving quickly through the field. Unlike Mine, Airi chose to charge in rather then take cover. Airi quickly covered the distance between her and Mine, leaving Mine with almost no time to carefully aim.

Mine fired a shell at Airi and Airi held up her left arm. The shell hit and bounced off Airi's left arm armor. Airi then aimed both her cannons at Mine and opened fire. Mine got up and quickly moved away from were she was as Airi's shells blasts right through the wooden box. Airi turned to Mine and used her quick reload speed to continue firing at Mine. This force Mine to either dodge or use her shield like armor to block the shells. Mine rushed to her left and let the shells fly by her. Airi continued shooting at Mine as she drove away but Mine used the fact that Airi wasn't hitting her to aim her machine gun at her.

Miine fired her machine gun and Airi simply stopped firing and lifted up her arms to block the bullets with her arm armor. Mine closed the distance between her and Airi, hoping to get a good shot in but Airi was ready. Airi rotated her cannons to pointed both at Mine. Mine did not foresee this and had to quickly change her route of attack. Airi fired her cannons and Mine just got out of the way. Airi rotated her cannons again and giving Mine no time to react, fired again. Mine tried to move but it was too late and one of Airi's shells hit her left side.

Mine stopped moving and turned to Airi and says, "Good job, Airi. I guess I lost."
Airi looks at Mine a little concerned and says, "Before I start celebrating, are you okay?"
Mine rubs her side and says, "It stings a little but I'll be fine."

Hearing this Airi drove over to Mei and suddenly hugged her. Mei blushes and says, "What the!"
Airi lets go of Mei and says, "What? Aren't you happy I won?"
Mei sighs, rubs Airi's head and then says, "Yeah, yeah. Congrats."

Mine drives over to Airi and Mei and says, "So what do you think? You seemed pretty happy while we were fighting."
Airi didn't realize it right away but while she was fighting Mine, she was smiling the entire time. Airi looks to Mine and says, "I had fun but I wish you put up more of a fight!"
Airi meant this in a joking way but Mine said, "Oh really?....Wait what?"
Mei sighs and says, "Airi. Maybe you should phrase your jokes better."
Airi smiles and says, "Probably. I'll make it up to you by joining your club, Mine."
Mine becomes shocked and says, "Really? Are you serious?"
Airi keeps her smile and says, "Of course. I had a lot of fun. Mei? Are you going to join too?"
Mei rubs the back of her head and says, "I guess if you are I should as well huh?"

Mine could barely hold in her excitement and suddenly grabs the two girls hands. Mine begins pulling their hands, urging them to follow her to the teacher's office to fill out a form for joining the tank club. Mei and Airi didn't want to right this minute but Mine's excitement could not be beaten. The three girls went to the office and filled out the forms Mine needed. After doing so, the school bell rang and it time for P.E. for Airi and Mei. Mine was a second year so she had P.E. after Airi and Mei.

Mei had her bag with her but Airi didn't. Mei went over to the locker rooms while Airi went back to the classroom to get her bag. Airi got back to classroom 1-A, grabbed her bag and just as she was leaving, she run into something extremely soft. Airi looked to what she bumped into and it was Sakurai, who was going to the locker rooms. Airi looked at Sakurai and said, "Oh sorry, Sakurai."

Sakurai smiles and says, "Its fine. I'm okay...." Sakurai paused mid-sentence and directed her eyes downwards. Airi looked down too and saw something fell out of Sakurai's bag, which was apparently open when the two bumped into each other. On the ground was a manga and seeing it shocked Airi a little. It was part of a series Airi knew of but never saw herself. It series was super perverted and almost every girl in it had breasts far larger then even Sakurai's were. Airi looked up at Sakurai and saw her sweating bullets.

Airi then watched as Sakurai bent down, grabbed the manga and ran like hell away from Airi. Airi watched Sakurai run away and simply could not speak. That manga, that manga you would normally expect a guy to have rather then the super feminine, Sakurai. Thinking this through Airi could only think of three words to say. Airi opened her mouth and said, "What....the....hell?"
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