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A scientist creates a new transportation device from a invention but goes horribly wrong.

"Behold the power of man, and then within an instant listen to the tolling of the bell!"

The world's media were gathered at the Cern laboratories in Geneva. A 30 year old American quantum physicist stepped forward, to give a lecture," Welcome and thank you for attending this facility today. I am Logan Boha, please observe my latest invention; The Large Hydrogen Collider. I designed it to unlock the building blocks of the universe, and to establish how the big bang started. Except what we revealed was monumental and exciting, for we bent the laws of physics and generated the first miniature worm hole, here on Earth. Out of this equation, we've developed a revolutionary new public transportation device.

Hands began to show and a hundred reporters wanted questions answered. They pondered over this futuristic vehicle contraption. Logan cleared his throat and began again," I am sure you have an infinite number of inquiries; I will try to provide you with all the info you seek, and then give you a demonstration. As you would conclude, our reaction was pure astonishment; however the experement only survived for a few minutes, before collapsing in on its self. After seven weeks of intense controlled analyses, we sustained the unimaginable, and reproduced our experiment that persisted for over twelve hours. At first the entrance was narrow, but my capable technical department worked out a solution. They used powerful magnets that could pull apart the gateway to any size we desired.

A team was set up to calculate the outcome that the collider had generated, as we felt this was the biggest discovery in history. My company and I sat up for hours, scrutinizing over the details of how we could engineer it better, with no risk to life and the environment. We cracked it, and started work on assembling a smaller and portable Hydrogen Collider. In the process we determined how we could use this awesome technology. Our theories and imaginations took us to transportation.

We envisioned people entering the worm holes, wearing sophisticated outfits and then rematerializing in any city on Earth, they wanted. A collider would create a worm hole, so men, woman and children could step through. Strong magnets attached to the suit would then pull them forward and gravity inside would be pushed back. The collider at the chosen destination would be switched on and the person would instantly be transported safely.

Gasps were heard, while others gave Logan a standing ovation. Now it was time to show the world this remarkable new way of traveling, and everyone present knew it would revolutionize the world. The physicist donned the outfit and pulled on a special helmet. Another scientist pressed the collider and a strange noise could be heard omitting in the lab. Bam! The worm hole materialized and Logan Boha turned and waved at his audience, then entered the space phenomenon. The press looked on a monitor that had been set up in the room, so they could witness the whole event. Before they could get comfy, the scientist was standing next to the statue of Liberty, in New York.

The whole planet was astounded at Logan's device and once released nationwide, everyone desired it. Within a month the human race were using the hyper loop technology, Men and Woman would take a trip each day to a city they'd yet to visit and the world became happier from the outcome. Worm holes could be seen every ware on the Earth, but then within a year something catastrophic emerged. With all the leaps taking place, the pull of gravity became so extreme that this caused the magnets to break down. In the process a gigantic worn hole opened and it instigated a collision course with our sun. The planet Earth was sucked up and had no way of escaping.

On the first leap that Logan had taken, when inside the centre of the tunnel, the man heard a bizarre noise that sounded like a distorted voice. The American wrote in a privet report that he had an amazing close encounter with God. The Lord had told the quantum physicist, he existed as dark energy that kept all living things together. God said to Logan, "welcome man of earth, how far your species have come! There's a huge multiverse to discover. I have and will always be here for you!

A year later the Earth irrevocably reached its upheaval and the planet began to burn. The human race's fate looked sealed, then Logan Boha suddenly remembered speaking to God, so the guilt ridden man shouted as loud as he could, into the sky, "If you can hear me Lord, please save all us and our planet!" Next was a pure miracle, for God entered the black hole and pushed the Earth back through the vortex and back to the solar system, where it belonged.

A Few hours later . . .

People across the globe came together and helped extinguish all the fires and worked hard to put things right. The creator of the large hydrogen collider and the hyper-loop device visited the nearest church in Switzerland. He knelt in front of the altar and prayed to God. The quiet man said, "Oh blessed lord, thank you for answering my prayers and keep us all from the impending doom. I am truly sorry for causing this devastation, it was never my intention. The human race by nature is inquisitive and they've searched for answers to what they yet understand. I am humble at your presence and vow to dismantle my creations and help everyone in a safer way.

Logan returned to Florida, to visit his family and friends. He wanted to make sure they were all okay and apologise in person. The scientist then continued with his quantum physics at the Cern labs, and the authorities kept a close eye on the visionary.

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