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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Experience · #2013665
country song inspired poem with a unique rhyme pattern.
Well I saw myself today,
in a dusty barroom mirror,
I was by myself
With the sad look of regret.

Not a clue how I arrived,
and uncertain how I'll leave,
not sure I care
But by force is a pretty good bet.

I got no home,
I got no friends,
no one to love me
I got nothin' but my debt.

I'm too drunk to smile,
too sober to cry,
too tired to care
So I'll smoke a cigarette

But one day,
the cards will lie,
in my favor
And everyone will cheer my name,

I'll have a friend,
I'll have a porch,
I'll have a lover
And we'll sit and watch the rain

We'll laugh and joke,
we'll drink and smoke
through the evening sunset
On our trips down memory lane

until that time comes,
I'll sit here all alone,
staring at the mirror
And drink myself insane.

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