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Throughout his whole career as a starting pitcher, Adam Wainwright has lived in the shadow
I have a strong hatred toward Clayton Kershaw, let us just get that out of the way. With his long hair, funky delivery, and the man does not even look like an athlete. I know nothing about the man personally, I am sure he is a great person, I just can not stand Clayton Kershaw the baseball player. There was a two month stretch in the season where Kershaw seemed to dominate the league, and to his credit, he pitched very well. Other than those two months he was no different than Adam Wainwright, except for August when Waino had a dead arm, but put together a stellar September, good enough to win NL pitcher of the month. Even through Wainwright's dominant September, everybody was still talking about Kershaw.

During a Sunday Night Baseball game, right after the All-Star Break, Kersahw was asked the question of would he rather pitch against Wainwright, or some other three, four, or five guy in a rotation. To me, a true athlete thrives on the big games, lives for the pressure, and wants to jump on any opportunity to beat one of the best in the profession, but Kershaw would rather steal the spotlight the easy way. Wainwright earned another top three finish in the Cy Young voting today, but Kershaw was unanimously, which he deserved, but if you take a big step back, and really look at the two pitchers, they are very similar statistically. Other than his fluke 2014 postseason, Wainwright has been very good in the playoffs for the Cardinals, Kershaw on the other hand, had been the losing pitcher in the Dodger's final game of the season. To me, you do not win the Cy Young by pitching two good months, and then putting it on cruise control, then losing two your teams' final three games in the postseason. Sooner or later, the voters will have to look and see that Waino does deserve to win the Cy Young, but until then, he will continue to do exactly what he is asked, win big games for his team.
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