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Christmas tree disaster
Poe Edgar Allen's Christmas Disaster


E C Wesch

You can call me Poe, that's what my forever family calls me. Apparently, I am a Hemingway cat descendant. Whatever that means. My forever daddy Kevin found me in this huge dumpster where he worked. I guess he thought I needed a place to live because he brought me home to meet my new family. I considered myself a very independent kitten, and was content where I was, except for the cold. Although, I did miss my mommy and her nice warm milk. After all, I'm a big boy now, I'm five weeks old. According to the Vet, I was born Halloween week. What's Halloween? I don't like the Vet he sticks me with something that hurts. I'd like to stick him somewhere...with something where it hurts.

My new forever mommy, Debbie, called me a mitten paw cat, because I have six toes on both of my front paws. Doesn't everyone? I guess not, because my new mommy only has five toes on her front paws. My feline ancestors also had six toes, they lived with a man named Ernest Hemingway in the Florida Keys.

It seems my new mommy likes oddities, and anything horrific, so she named me after her favorite author Edgar Allen Poe, the horror master. I guess she named me right, because it seems I am a holy terror. My favorite game is attack, bite, and run away. I also like to dig my claws into her pants and climb up her legs. I know she doesn't like it, but it is so much fun hearing her yelp.

I also have a new big bro, he's a little more my size. His name is Bailey. When he is home from school, we snuggle together a lot, and watch something called a TV. I think it is boring, so I sleep until the meow mix commercial comes on, then I'm interested. Some times we play chase the dancing light, now that is exciting. I love my new big Bro, we play something called Peek-A-Boo, Tag, and Hide and Seek. My favorite is Tag/Hide and Seek. I like to play both games together. I sneak up from the rear, attack his legs, give them a little nip, then dash away as fast as I can, and hide. I am really good at hiding because I am so small. He's pretty tricky when it comes time for him to hide, but I can usually find him because there is a lot more of him to hide.

Where I live now is a lot bigger than my previous home. There are things called stairs to run up and down, slippery floors to slide on, and my favorite room is what they call, the bathroom. There is this white fluffy stuff that I can unroll and drag all over the place. My mom gets upset with me when I do that, but she looks so funny standing there with her paws on her hips, it's worth it.

My mom is putting up some fancy stuff on this big green tree. Why did she bring a tree inside? Now she is putting these little round shiny things on it. I can see another cat in these shiny round things. He is very small. How did my forever mom get that other cat in that shiny round thing? If I knock it off, will the tiny cat be able to get free? I hope she will not put me inside one, I'll run away if she tries. Woah! There are many of those cat prisons hanging on the tree. Maybe when it gets dark, I can set them all free. I'll have to wait until Mommy goes to sleep.

Everyone is sleeping, now is my chance. I think I'll start at the top of the tree. This climbing is harder than I thought. I'll just reach out and try to hit it a little harder.

"I know cat, you'll be free soon, just one more swipe."

CRASH! Uh Oh! What is happening? I'm falling. THUMP! SMASH! CRASH! OUCH! I think it's time to go hide.

"Lets go cats, come on. Cats? Where are you cats? We have to go hide."

Wow! My mission must be a success. All the shiny round things are broken, but where are all the other cats?

"Are you all hiding already? I didn't hurt you did I? Uh Oh! Someone is coming, every cat for himself."

"POE! I know you did this, you little stinker. I'm too tired to deal with this mess now, I'll clean this up in the morning. You're in big trouble Poe, big trouble."

At least the other cats are free, but where did they go? Maybe my big sister will know.

"Kiki, where are you? Are you Hiding too?" I like hide and seek, I'll just go find her. Maybe I'll find the other cats too?

"Peek-A-Boo, I see you Kiki." She is so snooty, how rude of her to stick her tail up at me and walk away. I'll teach her a lesson. I'm going to scare her. It's what I do best. I'm just gonna wait for her, then I'm gonna pounce on her, then run away real fast. I may be a lot smaller then her, but I got some serious moves. I'll just hide behind this door and wait till she comes. Oh look, here she comes now. I have to be very, very quiet. Just a little closer, a little more.


Look at her go. She jumped so high, and ran so fast she tumbled down the stairs. She'll never learn. It works every time.

Yeah, Here comes big Bro, he'll pick me up, and I'll get to snuggle on the bed.

"Mew, Mew. Here I am, pick me up. Don't open that big box, pick me up."

Why does he always go get something out of that big box? I think I'll go look inside. I'll just climb in and see what is so interesting, it's cold in here.

"Hey! Don't shut me in here! MEOW!"

"Poe, what on earth are you doing in the refrigerator? Can't I even get a drink without you getting in my way?"

"Mew," If he won't pick me up I'll just climb up his leg.

"Ouch! Poe, get down let me finish pouring my drink. You are so impatient. Okay Poe, come here. Lets go downstairs, it's time to go to bed."

Finally, I think I've had enough excitement for one day. I'll look for the other cats tomorrow. For now, I'll just settle on this nice soft cushy thing, and snuggle next to my big Bro's head. Sleep now.

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