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A short bard's song, sung in memory of a group of fallen heroes.
Cry not for us,

Though we come not home this day,

For we have fought the darkness,

With strength of arm and heart,

We have driven back,

Our deadly enemy.

Cry not for us,

Though we lay dying on the ground,

For we have held back the darkness,

With our sweat and our blood.

Cry not for us,

As we lay here in the ground,

With our sacrifice,

We have sowed the seed,

An ember of hope.

Live on for us,

Fan the ember into flame,

And let the fires rage,

And tear apart the darkness,

Like a Dragon enraged!

Rise up for us!

Like a phoenix from the ashes,

And usher in,

A new Golden Age!

Fight on for us,

In honor of,

Our glorious sacrifice!

You will rend asunder,

The vast demon hordes!

Give up not hope,

Though we perished in the fight,

For we will win this war!

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