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Yah-yah Rah Rah Amen-Rah!
      Jesus sat at the round table in the pyramid of Amen-Rah.
      He could see the blue planet of his birth rising over the lunar horizon.
      How could it have come to this? Was his mission a complete failure?
      Jesus sipped some Coke Cola and calculated the remaining atmosphere
      in the temple. They would need more water. .. Mary Magdalene entered
      the great marble hall. She was a High Priestess in the Anunnaki.

      "What troubles the Prince of Israel?" she asked her husband.

      "My temple is in need of water. We must return to Palestine."
      Jesus ran his fingers through his hair vigorously in frustration.

      "We must get the consent of the Lord Amen-Rah. Praise be his name."
      Mary Magdalene touched her forehead with her index fingers and touched
      the tips of her thumbs and made the sign of Rah, the Sun God.

      The ancient Lord sat on the marble floor, like a Buddha .. His prayer room
      was the very tip of the pyramid .. He listened patiently to Jesus and spoke,
      "How strange the Goddess Lunar is. Her belly is full of fire and ice, but
      she will not give us a jar of water. Jesus you may return to GIA.
      You may take my mightiest air ship, Rama Vimana. She will guide you
      and care for you like her son. Mary this is your husband. Do wish to follow him?"

      Mary searched her heart for she loved her lord as much as she loved her husband.
      "I must follow Jesus. . I am his wife and I am a child of Israel."
      Jesus bowed his head and made the sign of Amen-Rah upon his forehead.
      Mary would be his translator. She had been taught the ancient language of
      Rama Vimana. +


      Entry into Israeli airspace did not go unnoticed .
      Even though the Rama Vimana was invisible, it was still detected by electromagnetic
      wave fields . Mary Magdalene warned Jesus that they might be fired upon.
      Jesus knelt and prayed to his father Amen Rah.
      The Israeli air force commanded the Rama Vimana to land or be shot down.
      Mary went to her husband, "Shall we fight them?"

      Jesus asked that she land the vessel; "It is better not to shed blood over water."

      The great golden Rama Vimana landed outside Bethlehem.
        It was surrounded by tanks and soldiers. Mary and Jesus walked slowly down
        golden steps. They carried between them the jar.
        They stopped before a Col Doran, "What is your purpose here?"
        Jesus smiled, "We wish to fill this jar with water."

        Doran looked at the clay jar and narrowed his eyes, "You are under arrest."
        Jesus and Mary were handcuffed and taken to the Jerusalem Jail.
        Mary and Jesus were placed in a police van ..
        Jesus could see the mount where he had been crucified many thousands of
        years ago.

        "Do not be afraid. This is not the Roman Empire.
        We will be treated fairly." he said to sooth his wife.
        Mary smiled, "We are immortal."
        Jesus returned his gaze through the van window to the street where
        he had carried his cross. Had it all been for nothing?
        His people were still tormented by war. They did not recognize him.

        The Rama Vimana had locked her door.
        A large canopy had been placed around her to conceal the alien vessel.
        No cutting tool could pierce the ship.
        "We will have too concentrate on the travelers.
        They appear to be human. Maybe they can be persuaded?"
        a Mossad agent spoke to Col. Doran.


        Jesus was shackled to a steel chair that was bolted to the floor.
        He sat patiently waiting for a Mossad agent. It was a grey room with
        a table before him and a surveillance camera on the wall behind him.
        A slender young woman entered the room and sat opposite him.
        She dropped a file on the table and opened it.

        "You claim to be Yashua Ben Joseph the Christ?" she asked glaring at him.
        Jesus answered, "I am he."  The woman sipped a bottled water.
        "I am Ziva . I am your advocate. Do you understand how serious this
        is?" Ziva looked quizically at the white robed prophet. He smiled.
        "I'd adjudicate you into a mental hospital if you had not arrived in the alien
        space ship... You travelled from the Moon for a jar of water?" Ziva had a
        worried expression.

        "Yes. Our temple needs fresh water to replenish our garden and atmosphere."
        Jesus answered with a bright smile as his chains vanished. Mary appeared in
        the room, out of nothing. Ziva jumped out of her chair, knocking it to the floor.
        "This is madness." the Mossad agent gasped.

        "Nothing is impossible for God." Jesus replied.

        "Then, why does God need a space ship and a clay jar?" Ziva flet dizzy ..
        She put both her hands on the table to steady herself. Mary held her gently
        with her hands on her shoulders. "It is a tool to help you understand we are
        like you, servants of the Lord Amen-Rah." Mary spoke softly and placed the
        chair under the Mossad agent.. "I am Mossad and I am not dreaming."
        Ziva said and sipped her water.

        Mary took the bottled water and tasted it. "It is distilled." she said and added
        "We need fresh living water." In an instant they were transported to Mary's town
        and stood before her tribes well. Mary drew the water from the well and filled the
        clay jar. Ziva dropped to her knees and wept.

        "The water comes from River Jordan .. . Oh, God can you forgive us?"
        Ziva could see the symbol of Aquarius on the clay jar.
        Mary and Jesus smiled at the Mossad agent as they held the jar between them
        and then were raptured up into the Rama Vimana.

        Mary poured out the living water into the great pool in the Temple of Amen-Rah
        and the great garden bloomed. The Anunnaki rejoiced and danced with Jesus
        and Mary. The Anunnaki were the most beautiful people of many colors and
        serpent flesh. It was here that the Anunnaki had hidden the Tree of Life,
        until the final day of judgement ..


        Reflections~ Lebanon, Jordan and Syria tried to divert the River Jordan away from
                            Israel .. Israel fought a six day war over their water rights in 1967.
                            Water is blood in the Middle East.

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