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A short article about the connection between pi, the golden ratio, and sacred geometry.
In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. This statement from the Holy Bible would create in me a sense of wonder since I was born. I have been fascinated by science and spiritual matters since I was a child. The Big Bang was what created the Universe according to physics. Science and Religion have always debated on how the Universe was created. When I was growing up I always wondered why couldn't Science and Religion have come from the same source. Similar to how everything in the Universe comes from the same Source. This would open up Pandora's box for me and give me Hope!

To a normal person 1 + 1 = 2; then we go from addition and get subtraction; its opposite. We upgrade to multiplication and division for larger numbers. Fractions, ratios, and decimals are used for smaller numbers. This is all basic arithmetic. I hated arithmetic. Arithmetic and math have to do with the left brain of the human body. My right brain is highly dominant which is why I am so good with language. Math was always a struggle for my brain. Here is my Hero's journey or path to enlightenment for the mathematics of the Universe. Hopefully my story helps others who don't like mathematics. This is my boon I am giving to humankind.

When I was 23 years old I happened upon an aspect of math that is never taught in public schools at the elementary level. The only people who really know about this aspect of math are artists and college students. I was looking at a book called, "The Golden Ratio, " by Mario Livio who is himself an astrophysicist. I was struggling with math when I was attending a video game design school. At the video game school I took an art appreciation course. 9/11 happened right when I was learning about the Golden Ratio in this course. I mention this because this is why I have such a strong connection to this number. For those who don't know the golden ratio is close to 1.61803398875.

I decided to look at this book to help me with my struggle with math. At this school you needed to know complex math for computer programming and for designing video games. I also recommend "The Realm of Numbers," by Isaac Asimov. Well anyway this is how I came to decide to study Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry could also be called Secret Geometry because its origins are very mysterious. In Sacred Geometry there are female and male aspects because Sacred Geometry will bring insight into how the Universe is created both at the tiny levels of cells and the enormous levels of galaxies. The Golden Ratio is the feminine aspect of existence because it is a spiral that grows and becomes bigger. A females reproduction system mirrors the golden ratio. In order to create, there are has to be a male with a female. There is another number that every geometry student knows about, pi, 3.14159265359, this is the male aspect.

The male reproductive systems mirrors Pi. It is interesting to note that these two numbers added together come really close to the number five, or originally spelled phive. Phi is another name for the Golden Ratio. (Phi)ve is the result that you get when you combine male and female, which gives you life (five) (phive) (live). All human beings have five fingers and five toes on each half of their body. The Golden Ratio is the number of nature.

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