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Hypothetical questions quiz

1.          If you could control time what would you do?

2.          If you could travel back to any era in time when would it be?

3.          If you could have any 1 superpower what would it be?

4.          If you had a book that could make anything you write in it happen what would you write?

5.          If you had 1 dream that could not take place in real life, come true what would it be?

6.          If you could live in any videogame series world witch one would it be? Why?

7.           If you have one high tech craft or gear what would it be?

8.           If you could live in any TV series world witch one would it be? Why?

9.          If you could have any anime characters power what would it be?  Why?

10.          If you could have power over any 1 element what would it be? Why?

Email the answers to me at wolfpackledder@yahoo.com

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