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Written for a college Creative Writing class. fornyrðislag. Alliterative verse.

A forest found || and fared into

A canopy lush || cast a darkly light

Shadows stretched thin || and shook with wind

In time was I lost || true to no course

Higher thought vanished || I ventured a chord

Strongly I sang || serenade to life

I noticed not || sang nothing back

Silent the sounds || saw I no beasts

Dim grew the day || I dared wend further

Felt I no fear || my folly unknown

Shadow seemed darker || shade given form

Terrible trees loomed || and turned to watch me

My mind ran amok || as mist grew thick

Fog did follow || and fearful I grew

Hammered my heart || and hampered my pace

I stopped and shook || a shape loomed near

A man motionless || nor made he sound

Saw I his stature || strangely tall

Aloof and alarming || arraigned in finery

With face most fearsome || I found it nowhere

Comforting and calm || called he with babe's voice

Disguising deceit || only death I heard

Slid he in shadows || son of darkness

Limb-like arms || longed to embrace

I raced in retreat || ran for my life

Tripped and tumbled || and saw trees of horror

Withered wretches || wasted life

Hung in high boughs || harrowing corpses

The man of mist || mocked me with gaze

Bile rose unbidden || broken my spirit

Spake him softly || spake him of death

Today was I tried || test of my mettle

Free to forget || free to remember

He tendered me time || to tell my goodbyes

I'd see him soon || so he foretold

In canopy of corpses || my cadaver will hang

((Author's Note: Likely the only poetry you'll ever see from me. An experiment, written in fornyrðislag, in alliterative verse. An addition to the Slenderman creepypasta))
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