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A story about a Raichu with big hunger which will lead him to a bigger stomach.
In a pokemon forest in Kanto, there was a Raichu. One thing about this Raichu is that he had a big appetite. But he could never satify it. Currently, he was eating one oran berry.

"Ugh! I can't believe this is all I can get." Raichu said a little grumpy. "I'm a hungry pokemon. I need to eat more than just a measly oran berry. *sign* I really want more food." This Raichu seem to want to eat food enough to fill a Snorlax. "I might as well see if I can find some more food."

Raichu walked out deeper into the forest to find more food. Out in a clearing, he found a picnic area where some traveling trainers left their food on the table. Just a few sandwiches, fruits, and a pastries. This made Raich felt greedy.

"Looks like some trainers left some food." Raichu said. "Too bad for them this food won't be here when they get back."

Raichu grabbed the sandwiches and shoved them into his mouth. They were regular sandwiches but to Raichu, food was food. Then, he went for the apples and pears, which were pretty tasty. Lastly, he went for the pastries. To Raichu, it was sweet flaky heaven. All the picnic food was gone leaving Raichu with a slightly extended belly.

"Well, that was a LIGHT lunch." Raichu said. "But I'm still hungry."

Raichu got on his way before the trainers got back. He walked out with his slightly bigger belly still pretty hungry. The lunch for two he just ate was more of a snack for one to him. As he down, he happen to found the roading leading to town. This excited Raichu.

"Bet I could get some good food over there." Raichu said. He sawed a truck leading there and got on. "City, here I come." Raichu started to look around the inside of the truck. There were a lot of boxes. "I wonder what these boxes are filled with." Raichu said. He open one of the boxes and it turns out to be filled with baked goods. It looks like the whole truck was from a bakery that had sweet made for people in town. There were boxes with pies, tarts, cookies, and cakes. Raichu couldn't help but drool. "I have never seen so much sweets in my life." Raichu said. "If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up."

Which that said, Raichu started with the box of shortbread cookies. Each of them were light and delicious. He pretty much shoved the cookies in his mouth and made sure not to miss one of them. Raichu finish the box and his belly definely got bigger. "My stomach is bigger now from that. But I still just getting started."

As he said with a smirk, he continue his feast with the box of cakes, the tarts, than the pies. Eating each and every boxes content. Eat whole pies and numberous pieces of cake. Raichu continue to gorge and his belly expanded even more getting larger and rounder. After a while, Raichu had eaten everything in the truck only leaving empty boxes and crumbs. Raichu belly was now three times is normal size and his had gotten pretty round.

"Wow. What a feast!" Raichu said. "Get a load of this big belly of mine. Hehe!" Raichu patted his stomach and thank it for a good job of eating. Raichu then happen to hear some voices.

"Ok. We have the goods."
"Just bring them inside."

The voices were from the workers. This made Raichu panicked.

"Gah! If they find me in here after I ate everything, I'll be in trouble." Raichu said.

"Can we just bring them in tomorrow?"
"Fine. It is getting late anyway."
"Beside, I got a date tonight. She might be the one."
"Well.....good luck with that."

The workers left the truck, leaving the bloated Raichu safe for now.

"That was close. I better stay in here a bit til the heat dies down." Raichu said laying down to rest after all the eating.

It's been a while and now it's was nighttime. Raichu, now rested, lifted the truck door and got off it. His body kinda jiggles a bit, but know his stomach grumble of hunger.

"Looks like I'm still hungry." Raichu said as he rubbed his belly. "Well I was still hungry even after eating all those sweets. So more food wouldn't hurt." Raichu looked around to see where he was and to his surprise, he near a grocery store. The store was huge with aisle for fruit, veggies, meat, canned goods, snacks, bakery goods, and etc. The truck was supposed to deliever the baked goods to the bakery section. Too bad Raichu ate them all. But there were still a few goodies there. Even some pokepuffs. Looking at it all from the window, Raichu couldn't help but drool over everything.

"Wo.....wow!" Raichu said. "Must.....get.....in." Lucky for Raichu, the workers left the door unlock. Not pretty smart for them to do. Raichu got into the store and awed at all the food. "So much to eat. Ok my belly. Get ready for the feast of all feasts."

Raichu starts from the fruit section and went to the apples. He dig into his first one and it was red, sweet and juicy. So good that he went for another one and another one. Eating more and more apples while his belly swelled up more. Before you know it, he had eaten all the apples. But to him, it was just the beginning. He now went for the sections of grapes, strawberries, and mangos. Nothing was left over but seeds and stems. Raichu was now getting pretty big. The average Raichu is around 2 ft and 66lbs. Raichu had grown an extra 6 inches and was around the weight of four Raichus. Big as he was, he wanted more. He went to the veggies and gorged on the squash, lettuce, carrots, and others. He liked some of the veggies, but he avoided most of them like the broccoli, brussel sprouts, raw potatos, etcs. He left quite a few over.

"Meh. I'm not much of a vegatable eater." Raichu said walking to the dairy section, with a huge selection of cheeses. "Haha! Now this is a section I like." Being a mouse pokemon, cheese was one of the top foods on Raichu's list. Skipping to a couples minutes, Raichu ate all the cheese in the store and was now chugging bottle after bottle of Mitank Milk. His belly now bloated up bigger and bigger and bigger with each bottle. Churning from inside while. some of his food was still digesting.

"This milk is really good. That all it's good for my body too." Raichu said taking another bottle. "Look at this now. Just a little more and I could put a Snorlax to shame." As he said that, his stomach started groaning as if he was full. "What? Are you actually getting full? Sorry, but this could be the only time I get to eat this much. So I'm going to glut as much as I can."

With that said and taking the last two bottles of Mitank Milk, the last section Raichu decide to go to was the bakery. Eating a few loaves of bread and bread rolls were ok for him, but he really wanted the sweets. Going for the mini tarts, with their fresh berries made it fell like he was in heaven. Which only made him eat even more. Leaving no tart, pie, cake or, pokepuff behind, Raichu had nearly eaten everything. Drinking his last two bottles of milk. Raichu was now over 500lbs. About half the weight of a Snorlax.

"Woah. I'm.....so....full now." Raichu said. "You did a good job o'belly of mine." Raichu's belly was rounder and huge. He was lucky to still be able to stand and move....kinda. It was more of slow waddling. Looking around, Raichu didn't see anything else he wanted to eat so. He decided to leave. He wanted to rest after eating, but he didn't want to get caught by anyone who worked in the store. Going outside, it was still nighttime, around 2 am or so.

"Guess I should head back to the forest." Raichu said. "The feast was good, but I don't want to be caught by anyone. I made some process with my weight, but one day, I will be bigger than even a Snorlax. Heck, maybe even the size of a truck."

With that said, Raichu and his bloated belly left the city to go back to his forest. Still hoping to eat as much as he did.
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