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An Open Letter to Mr. Coming Soon
To Mr. Coming Soon,

(Don’t tell me your busy. I made it short and simple. Please read.)

To where the hell are you hiding for so long?

Are you still not ready to show up? C’mon it’s been a long time. Almost twenty-two years to be exact.

I know we are just under the same sky but that’s just metaphorical and unacceptable.

You know what, people around me are asking about you already.

What do you look like, when will you come and so on and so forth.

And there’s me, giving the best answer of all time. Nothing but a plain smile.

What will I say? I do not even know you or I knew you but I just did not recognized that it’s you already.

It seems like they are really excited to meet you much more than I do.

Maybe, because you will be my first..and hopefully my last too.

Anyway, I just want you to know that I am really excited to find you.

To know you.

To share what my flaws and imperfections are.

To confess my insecurities and deepest secrets to.

To have someone whom I can laugh out loud with endlessly.

And to cut it short, I want you to be someone who’s with me every time and anywhere to share the different colors of my life with.

Of course, I will be that someone too for you.

And I’m sure that will be awesome.

But then, do not hurry.

Everything is already set by our Master Planner above. Let Him.

For the meantime, let’s just go with the flow and enjoy every moment of our lives while taking risks and chances.

I’m pretty sure at the right ”someday”,

our universe will meet,

our stars will be one,

and we will be under the same sky.. literally.

Just in case, you feel that.. I’m..

Just here.


Don’t hesitate to approach me. Remember, we’re really meant to be. *Heart*
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