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These are tips and wisdom I've learned from gaining and losing weight
I am currently trying to lose weight, and while I have made much progress, I've also regressed, so I wrote this set of weight loss guidelines in an effort to motivate myself to keep losing weight, and to hopefully motivate others.

Guideline #1: The Methodology Of Losing Weight Is Easy To Understand, But Difficult To Implement.

Twice in my life I've been significantly overweight, and I was locked up and I got down to a normal body weight from eating three normal meals a day. In those situations, I would be hungry at night, but I had no choice but to wait until morning to eat breakfast. Out here in the free world, we have more choices and temptations to lead us astray. If I could just stay away from eating after dinner, then it would be a lot easier to lose weight. I have no problem eating healthy during breakfast and lunch, it's later in the day when I tend to screw up.

Guideline #2: Your Desire For Long Term Weight Loss Must Be Stronger Than Your Ephemeral Desire For Junk Food

When you are hit by temptation, you must remember all the times you gave in and your weight shot up. Think of all the months you yo-yo'd, and then visualize the next three months: Do you want to weigh 24 pounds less than you do now (losing an average of two pounds per week), or do you want to weigh the same as you do now, or even heavier? When you realize the consequences of violating this sacred rule of weight loss, it is easier to resist temptation.

Guideline #3: Remember That It Is A Matter Of Life And Death

I started smoking at age 16, and stopped permanently at the age of 36. I had tried to stop many times previously, but didn't take it seriously; what finally gave me the incentive to stop and never pick up another cigarette was realizing that it was a matter of life and death. Being fat can be just as deadly as being a smoker, whether it's having a heart attack while running to catch a bus, or dropping dead while walking down the street, being obese is a death sentence, so every time you're tempted to eat junk food or overeat, just keep in mind that all those little "cheats" add up, and they're killing you!

Whether or not we have an eternal soul, our bodies are guaranteed to die at some point. How we eat determines how long we will live, so if you want to live a long life, you need to restrict your calories and exercise.

Guideline #4: You Have To Choose Between Food Or Getting Laid

One suggestion is to post a photo of a hot college chick inside the front cover of your training journal, just to remind you of what you're missing out on by being too fat to be in a relationship. Every time you are tempted by junk food, just remind yourself that if you keep over-indulging, you'll never have a hot girlfriend. The more you eat the wrong foods, the longer it will take before you're in a relationship with an attractive woman.

Guideline #5: Healthy Food Is Expensive, So Don't Waste Your Money On Junk Food!

You could easily spend $20 or $30 on just a small amount of fruits and vegetables, so to take that money and spend it on junk food is pathetic. During the times when you had no money, you told yourself that if you had more money, you could buy healthier foods, but when you had more money, you bought junk food instead. Keep this in mind the next time you have a decent amount of money, and spend it on healthy foods instead!

Guideline #6: Environmental Weight Gain Is No Excuse!

Whenever I was on a successful cut, I knew what I needed to eat every day to keep losing weight consistently. For some reason, when I went to visit certain relatives, my weight would creep back up. This has happened at my sister's (almost every summer) and at my Aunt's house. You just need to be more serious about counting your calories and tracking everything you eat. Being at someone else's house is no excuse to overeat.
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