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As always, words that flow from my mind with ease. Just some random thoughts.
Whats in a name or a brand
Whats in a dollar, with a picture of a dead man

We all want what we THINK we should have
With a little extra to make the happiness last

Greed is a sin, carved in stone
If we all prayed for more- does that mean none go home

I'm not fit to have nothing and be happy with what I've got
Cause if I have nothing than what I've got is NOT--as in non existent

The thirst for more drives my soul but puts me in the predicament of never being whole

To always want can become a disease
Passed down to our children who we wish to live with ease

Ideas span the mind that will eliminate time
The time it takes to reach the peak
Of the highest mountain where happiness and wealth meet

Some will make it and some will fall
Back to the bottom where they see nothing but wall

Not me, Not I. I will never touch that surface
Where It doesn't matter, and I consider myself worthless.

I ask for more cause its what i want
So I pray--detailing my true feelings dropping all fronts

Created and molded in the Holy One's true image
Everything done is a replica of his life's unheralded scrimmage.
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