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A woman's recurring dreams take a frightening twist when she stays in a bed and breakfast
The Bed and Breakfast that Wasn't  (Not certain if this will be the final title)

Main Character: Cara, an independent woman who is secure and content in her marriage of 8 years to her husband, Patrick. She writes freelance and  works as a nanny for two preschool children a few days a week. While she and her husband love children, they have been unable to conceive any of their own. Cara and Patrick have discussed adopting a child, but the money to do so is beyond their grasp. Cara loses herself in her writing, which is mainly for environmental magazines and occasionally articles about animals for educational magazines.

More Back Story: Cara has been plagued by a recurring dream in which she is trapped with faceless, nameless others in a burning southern mansion. She almost always awakens drenched in sweat with the smell of smoke in her nostrils. And, she never knows whether or not she or anyone else escaped the inferno. Even though Cara has gone to therapy to help her through the trauma of the dreams and to discover what might be the cause of them, nothing has helped.

PLOT: Cara is driving through the night to reach Appomattox, Virginia, where her family is having a reunion. Patrick, away on a business conference, is unable to accompany her. On her way she is driving through a severe thunderstorm, and when the rain almost obscures the road Cara knows she needs to find a place to stop. And she does so, at a bed and breakfast that seems somehow familiar. Cara checks in with the pleasant couple who answer the door. That night, her dream comes upon her with a vengeance, and it takes a twist she could have never expected. When she does wake up, her life as she knew it will never be the same.

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