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48-hour challenge media promt and all that
They are afraid of her, I cant say why.
When I proposed it to him, he laughed as it was the funniest thing he had heard all night. The laughter changed gradually, it wasn't funny, it was stupid, impossible, ridiculous. I looked at him, rather thrown off by his reaction. Why was it so far away from his boundaries, why was it so strange to him. I felt like I was sitting on the moon and had found the longest feather in the universe to reach him and tickle him behind his ear. "What if God is a she" he shook his head and wiped the outer corner of his eye. That's how funny it was to him, his eyes watered up because of the laughing. The whole time I just sat and stared at him with a curious feeling. It was tickling me, this feeling. When I watched the feather touch him, I could feel it too. I put a hand up to my ear and broke the illusion. Something else stirred in me. I had found his walls. As open as he seemed, this was out of his world. I smiled now, finally, but it wasn't the smile I was looking for. This was She, crawling under my skin. She had lost her patience a long time ago. She wanted to raise the oceans and annihilate his walls, she didn't care about the damage. She didn't care if he got buried under the stones. I downed a quarter of my beer and this got me ahead of him. Three deep breaths and suddenly I got the hick-ups. Comic relief, now I started laughing too. The conversation carried on and I fought her back. Not today, not him, not here.
They are not ready.

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