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This is from a dream I had. I really don't know what it means. I give plenty of auto GPs.
    The cavernous hall floors are a black polished marble, while the walls are a polished lighter stone. The main entrance is outlined with a pointed arched frame with giant heavy wooden double doors. There is no furniture in the room. Opposite the main door is a row of twelve metal doors that are barely taller than a human and shaped like the main pointed archway.

    Standing in front of each of the metal doors is an elderly man with a well kempt white beard that reaches to his chest. They wear floor length white robs. The skirt section is layers of satin pleats. Over the robes, each one wears an unbuttoned cherry red jacket. The jacket is square in the shoulders and around the waist. The borders and shoulders are gilded with gold threadwork.

    Twelve pairs of young men enter the chamber with their heads bowed. All dressed in black shoes, with gold square buckles. White hosiery stretches up to their knees where tan pants begin. Each wears a white fluffy dress shirt covered with white ascots and a single gold pin in the center. Each pair of men carries an ornate metal stretcher. On the stretcher is a white opaque egg about the size of a one year old child.

    The pairs of men approach the priests at the small metal doors. The priests move to the sides of the doors, turn and unlatch a metal handle. The pairs of men slide the stretchers with the eggs into the sterile white chambers onto white stone benches in the middle of the tiny chambers.

    Once each egg is inside the priest closes the metal door and positions himself in front of the portal. He announces, “Transgression is in session!” Down the line of priests this ceremonious action repeats. Closing the hatch and declaring, “Transgression is in session!”

    The pairs of men reverently exit the chamber, leaving the priests guarding the metal doors. Silence looms in the chamber as the priests chant “Transgression is in session.”  An explosion of black clouds shoves the third priest forward a couple of stumbling steps. The seventh portal explodes black clouds pushing the priest. Randomly each portal gushes the black clouds in a large din, until all that is left is the second metal door. The hall falls eerily silent. The priests hold their positions in front of their portals. Then it happens.

    Light bursts from the edges of the second metal door. The priest in front of the second portal turns to face the door. He raises his hands out to his sides. The other priests gather behind the second priest all jostling in anticipation of what is to be revealed. The second priest grasps the latch and twists the handle. Flinging open the door, light bursts into the open vast chamber bathing everything in golden white.
The second priest smiles and says, “It is time.”
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