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Okay not sure how this is going to turn out.
As you look at your backstage pass you feel your heart pounding nerves you go backstage only to see a security guard standing in front of a door.

So thinking of a plan you walk towards him, and ask "Excuse me but where's the bathroom?" Not giving eye contact he points down the hall, so you heads towards the bathroom and once inside you shrink yourself with a raygun luckily you managed to destroy it leaving no evidence, you then leave the bathroom and head towards the door with the letter Z on it you then sneak in to see Zendaya at her makeup station your heart pounding some more you make your way to her and think of a way to get her attention.

As you are climbing the leg of the makeup table you hear Zendaya say, "Almost done and then I have to pick out my outfit." Once you arrive on the top of the table you then see her hand, on the table and you make your way to her hand.

But before you can do anything she spots you, you freeze as you see her looking directly at you.

She then gets a closer look at you. "Hello no need to wonder what I am I'm a human like you as you can tell, also I have my backstage pass."

Zendaya remains silent all of a sudden the silent breaks as a growl emits from her bare belly. You then start to get scared as you hear this you then decided it probably won't be so bad letting the beauty eat you for a snack.

Your thought of process is interpreted as Zendaya says, "Oh well how did you get so tiny?"

As you try to tell her, her stomach growls again so you tell her and finally you say, "Hey Z you sound hungry mind if I be your snack while you perform on stage." Surprised by your request Zendaya then smiles. "Okay but I must worn you it might get bumpy in there."

You soon start blushing as she accepted your offer. You are soon lifted up to her mouth and are soon dropped in, Zendaya soon starts tasting you and soon titles her head back and swallows you in one gulp sending you down to your destination.

A small lump could be seen going down her throat and soon disappears behind her collar bone. You soon land with a wet plop in Zendaya's belly and you are surprised as how warm and comfy it is in her belly, your world soon starts to shake as Zendaya rubs and pats her bare belly. "Mm yummy hope your comfy in there and thanks for offering to be my snack you truly are an amazing Z swagger."

After saying that you snuggle up in her belly and let Zendaya go about her day. She then steps out of the dressing room and heads on stage smiling with a now full and satisfied belly.
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