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by Pops
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A teenage girl awakes from a dream, confused. a work in progress
In a darkness, a blurred confusion. I wonder where I am. Is this a dream? Is this a reality? Without memory of falling asleep or waking up, I start becoming paranoid.

"Are you happy now?" says a distant voice

"Who's there?"

I wander aimlessly into the void. "Who are you?" Walking forward, suddenly a pinch peeling on my arm, and a slap on my face. Rushes of air pound my body. "Aaahhh" I scream.

I wake up to find my brother in front of my eradicate face, while I take a deep breath and take everything in, thinking, just a dream?

"Yo stupid, what was that all about? I heard you all the way from my room. A Nightmare?"r"

"I guess" I wipe my eyes

Please leave me alone. I don't feel well.

"Whatever" my brother leaves the room and walks down the hallway stairs.

What was that? The most surreal dream I have ever had. I feel as if someone is watching me, but why?
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