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A wrinkle in time, a fold in a brane, and here I am.
Call me Nathan.

I grew up in the USA, but not the one you know. You've never heard of President Le May or the Portugal Missile crisis. You think timekeepers are officials at basketball games.

If only you knew the truth.

I've seen saber-tooth tigers in the Pleistocene. I was there when the Vikings sacked York in 1066. I met Haakon, the love of my life, on a college campus in Iowa that doesn't exist here, in your timeline. I lost him on a London street in 1933.

I'd tell you my story, but you wouldn't believe me.

Time bifurcates. Quantum mechanics is all the evidence you need. Time travel exists. I'm all the evidence you need.

We are entangled, you and I. Sometime not so long ago, spacetime split. Your world went one way and mine another. It was my luck to slip across the gap and wind up here. It was luck, you know, because I met Haakon in this place.

Maybe we will find each other again.

I can hope, can't I?


Nathan outdoors
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