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Bonus assignment 7 for NaNo Prep Mo
Star-Crossed in Time is the first part of a series entitled Star-Crossed, which follows the adventures of Gwen Maneherder, Matrim Hallowfang, and Taurus Longhorn. Gwen is the daughter of the Royal Magus who serves in Trellion Palace under Matrim's father. Matrim is the crowned prince of Trellion. Taurus is the son of the Grand Enchantress of the Trellion Tower of Magi and the Minotaur Ambassador of Bastion. Gwen becomes close friends with Matrim and Taurus. The both harbor romantic feelings toward her but she only has eyes for Matrim. After Matrim is betrothed to a Princess of another kingdom he joins Gwen at the Elemental Coast where she is spending a year of seclusion. Near the end of that year Matrirm attempts to convince Gwen to remain with him at the coast where they can live out their lives in secret. She convinces him to return to Trellion Palace to fulfill his duties as the Crowned Prince. After returning to Trellion Palace herself Gwen discovers she is pregnant with Matrim's child. Gwen's mother and the Grand Enchantress make arrangements for Gwen to be moved to the Trellion Tower of Magi before anyone else found out she was with child. She is expected to depart the palace the day after the sixteenth anniversary of Matrim's birth but things take a turn for the worse that evening.

Matrim and Gwen are discovered sharing a private moment on the balcony by his betrothed's hand made. She casts aside her fade to reveal herself as Empress Demona of Reaven. To punish them for their disloyalty and foolishness, she traps them in a life draining vortex. While the vortex drains their lives, she curses them to be reborn in the every hundred years. They will know each other, love each other, but will never have each other.

After Matrim and Gwen are discovered missing Matrim's father, King Jarrod accuses Gwen's mother Morgan of conspiring with her to kidnap his son. Rather than defend herself Morgan allows herself to be sentenced to death. She is aware of the spells cast on their children but she will not be able to convince Jarrod it was not her or Gwen's doing. Instead she casts one last spell linking her life to Gwen's. Each time Gwen is reborn Morgan will be reborn.

After Morgan's execution Jarrod weds Matrim's betrothed in order to keep the peace between the two kingdoms. Demona assumes another disguise as the new Royal Magus of Trellion. Once she is certain Brianne has conceived, she poisons Jarrod with black magic.

The genre of fantasy has been attributed to many great series such as The Wheel of Time and The Lord of the Rings. I can only hope my series will gain such notoriety. The demographic I am shooting for is young adults eighteen to twenty-five. This is the demographic that typically reads high fantasy. I hope this book will also appeal to my own thirty-something demographic but there are not many my age who enjoy high fantasy.

I am a thirty-two year old woman with a bachelor's of science in psychology and a bachelor of arts in anthropology and a minor in women's studies. Up until this point writing has been a hobby for me. I have numerous short stories published on writing.com; http://jlh1982.Writing.Com/. Most of these stories have been entered in erotic romance writing contests, and some have even placed or earned honorable mention. A few of these pieces a Tail Gating, which won first place, and Persona, which won second place in the same contest under a different prompt. I have also written a few short stories in the fantasy genre. I enjoy reading erotic romance and fantasy novels.

I will be the first to admit marketing is not my strong suit. My husband has a degree in web development so he would have no problem helping me set up a webpage to help me promote my books. I can also promote my books on writing.com and Facebook. Other than that I am not sure how else to do it except word of mouth through friends and family.

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