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Poor plain wee Jack wanted to be part of the Halloween-Pack
The Legend of Jack-O-Lantern
This might be a true story.

There was a wee pumpkin named Jack
who drove all the other pumpkins bats.
For he wanted a name
that would grant the same fame
as the members of Halloween-Pack.

All the pumpkins made fun of wee Jack.
He'd never be part of that pack.
"With your middle cut out,"
they'd all laugh and they'd shout,
"you'll never have any impact!"

To further knock down and disgrace,
a dragon carved Jack a new face.
With eyes looking ragged
and teeth sharp and jagged,
poor Jack knew his dream was erased.

And then came the day of the vandal
who used Jack to steady his candle.
Later on, the east wind came,
bringing "Lantern" to Jack's name.
The scandal gave Jack his new handle!

A ghost passing saw Jack’s lit lantern
light the night exponentially in turn.
So, Ghost called on the witch
to decipher the switch
or add it to Halloween's sojourn.

Now everyone knows Jack-O-Lantern
as well as as they know Night-sky's Saturn,
but no one knows Ghost
is the one who can boast
she told witch of the pumpkin's lit cavern!

Now Ghost is the one who's the whiner,
lamenting the pumpkin's famed shiner.
So, the witch gave her hat
and her favorite pet cat
to the ghost as a friendship reminder.

And that is a Halloween fact, Jack!


As 🌕 HuntersMoon always says, "Before you ask:"
The Halloween Pack is a very elite group indeed.
Before Jack was hazed, initiated, its roster boasted:
Witch, the headmistress;
Ghost, her first minion;
Skeleton, the keeper of the keys;
Headless Horseman, the groomsman;
Grim, the clock master;
Dracula and his cousin, Edward;
Frankenstein and the missus;
Gypsy, the fortunista;
Cinderella, a.k.a. Goodie-one shoe;
the Potter kid, (actually Witch's nephew shhhh.)
and Yoda, the banker.
And don't bother trying; it's very exclusive and not easy to get into. Just ask Trump.

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