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A Kyrielle poem. Guardians above us
Author's Note:
A Kyrielle is a French form of rhyming poetry. It is written in quatrains (a quatrain is a stanza with 4 lines).

*NoteW* Each quatrain contains a repeating line or phrase known as a "refrain."
*NoteV* Each line is 8 syllables.
*Notew* There are no limits to the quatrains, but the minimum is 3.
*NoteV* Rhyme pattern is up to the poet.

Overhead, a blazing sun beams.
Under covers, a full moon dreams.
Heart and soul full of warmth and love.
Angel, Angel, I see above.

Spirits, pure with good intentions.
In timely need, interventions.
Blind, only present as a dove.
Angel, Angel, I see above.

Noble, honest, swift messenger.
Yet, an invisible stranger.
Watching, guiding, close as a glove.
Angel, Angel, I see above.

Line Count: 12
S. Burkhart
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