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Are the Yankees and their fans facing an unfair stereotype?
The New York Yankees have had so much success in a century filled with complete greatness. So exactly who could blame today's generation of Yankees fans for bragging, these same people who are quite unfairly branded "bandwagon fans?"

Yankees Fans: The Truth and Reality of their fan life
By: AJ Murphy

Why do they call them "Bandwagon fans?" With the team winning 27 World Series rings, it seems to many, (many of these fans most likely Boston Red Sox fans) that the Yankees fans tend to only become fans because of their winning ways. However, what about before that? What about notable legends such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Joe DiMaggio? Their fans clearly had a taste of genuine pleasure in their team's strides, and notched victories. Rightfully so, they are fans of Yankees baseball because they had grown up watching and idolizing these amazing athletes right before their eyes!

So before you tell a Yankees fan that they are not a true fan, consider that they aren't all just fans because they are the favorites, ask them about their idols and memories. Assuming is never the appropriate thing to do. As much as its human nature to make judgements and accusations, consider that you have a lot to learn. One never knows until one is enlightened.

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