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This story is about a innocent teen, he is trying to escape, he was framed for killing.

I had my cuffs on, I had no choice but to go to the orphanage with them, I had already tried to run away, but I can’t run away on foot. I ran track, I also did karate, when I quit I was a red belt. We stopped to get gas, he opened the back door,”Not that long until we get to your new home!” He smiled.I was thinking about kicking him, he would not expect it, but I decided he could track me down in the car before I went anywhere. “Yay, I’m going unwillingly….” I groaned, then got up, I got out, “Use your stretching time wisely, this is all you get.” Whatever, I thought. I started to stretch, the cuffs restricting my movements. He filled up the car then paid at the pump, we got back in the car, going on the road. I hoped there was a Highway, so I could pull the bathroom stunt, I am an expert at it. He put his foot on the petal and we got on the road, stopped at some lights, then turned onto a highway., Yes!! I thought. Now time for the fun. “I have to go to the bathroom bad!!!!!” I screamed, he turned completely falling for it. I checked to make sure the pin was there, I could not pop the tire or pick the cuffs without it. He pulled over. And unlocked the door. I struggled to open the door with my cuffs on. I finally opened it then got out. I went behind the car and picked then lock. He was on his phone texting someone. I got one cuff, then another!!!! I threw them on the ground and poked a big hole in both the back tires quickly. I needed to buy myself some time, so I went up to the driver's door, opened it, and threw him out. He was mystified. I was going to knock him out. “Sorry about this,” I noted, then kicked him twice in the face, knocking unconious. I picked up his phone, I didn't want him to call, I was going to take it with me, but they would track it. I ran with it for just a few minutes, than smashed it, before throwing it. I actually felt sorry for him, he was stranded in the middle of nowhere, because of me. I decided to go back, let him let him go, but convince him to not tell anybody. He was still unconscious, “Dude, Wake up!” I tapped on his shoulder, he opened his eyes, and clumsily stood up,“What do you want kid?”
“I don't want you to be stranded but don't tell anybody a word.” Ok, I guess you did come back and wake me up, sorry kid, most killers wouldn't come back and help. I don't think you are a killer.” I sighed, “Thanks, I don't have all day, somebody's gonna find out soon. Borrow a phone and call the home, check in, it will buy me some time. I'll wait here.” He took off running flagging down a black 4x4 truck. He was yelling at the driver, the driver got out his phone, and allowed the man to talk on it, just about 15 seconds later he was already walking back, “Kid, I called them. They think we will be there in 30 mins. I am coming with you. The closest city is about 7 miles north, Let's get going.” We walked for several hours. We were still in forest, “Police hands up!” 3 cops jumped out in front of me. I put my hands up, then turned. “You told the cops?” I was raging in fury, “I had to, I don't let killers lose.” I was going to the orphanage, I just could never escape.
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