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by Ben
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The world is infected with sin by one choice...
*To fully understand this poem, please read Part 1 & 2 on my portfolio.

Thus, Adam and Eve did walk with their God.
The Garden of Eden was where they trod.
But Satan was there
To mess up the whole plan.
He thought God was unfair
To give Earth to man.

There was fruit in a tree of which they shouldn't eat.
They ought not to desire this unfavorable sweet,
But the Devil did tempt Eve
Who relayed to her spouse.
Their God they did leave
And were trapped like a mouse.

The couple chose not to take God's advice
So God banished them from their own paradise.
Yes, they were driven
From a legitimate heaven.
The world that we live in
Was infected by leaven.

The world that we know, driven by sin -
This is the story of its origin.
Death and pain
And evil desires
The world did gain.
'Tis what it acquired.

Where there once lay gold, there now lay dirt.
What once was pain-free, now immensely hurt.
Now we often fall
Onto these dusty paths
And we don't recall
The need of a bath.

'Tis was the state of our previously mentioned friend
Who, due to despair, seemed to meet his end.
Now, as I think again
Of the man and his woes
How did those clean men
Ever wash their clothes?

If the whole world was infected by sin
How did those men come to the state they were in?
Can our friend untape
This unbearable curse?
I'll tell of his escape,
But not in this verse.
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