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by Ginge
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Below is a list of stuff that I use in my stories to give the readers some background.
The follwing characters are based upon myself and a few of my close friends and family.

Warhamster Michaelius - Warhamster of the imperium of mankind and commander of the World Eaters aka Michael. (Me)

Lord Samael - Younger brother of Warmaster MIchaelius and commander of The Death Guard aka Sam. (My Younger brother Sam, who is autistic and bring me nothing but joy in life and support. He playes the biggest part of my life and only fair that he takes a leading role in my stories.

Empress Alydia - The Empress of Manking and daughter of the Warmaster aka Alydia (Fictonal character)

Lord Zackaryer - Twin brother to Empress Alydia aka Zack (Fictional character)

Captian Alaric - First Captian of the World Eaters Zero Company. The Warhamsters honour gaurds. (Based on GW Grey Knight novles by Ben Counter)

Capitan Ardius - First Captian of the World Eaters First Company. (Based on Cpatian Ardius from the GW video game Fire Warrior)

Zagraus - The Demon that co enhabits the Warhamster. (Fictional Character, name based on Zagrus from Dr Who)

Emaris Andius - Chief Librarian. (based on close friend Andy)

Decanus - Cheif of the Warhamsters seacret police the Hellguast. (Based on best friend Dean and the man who inspired me to post my stories.


Warmaster - Suprem commander of the forces of mankind

World Eaters - 12th chapter (Based on GW World Eaters)

Death Gaurd - 15ht chapter (Based on GW Death Guards)

HellGuast - Based upon the Hellguast from the popular video game serise Killzone.

GoreFather and GoreChild - Warmasters twin axes (Based on GW weapons)

ManReaper - Samaels two handed Scyth (Based on GW weapon)
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